Pizza Boy GBC Pro v4.3.5 APK (Patched) Download for Android

You love the traditional game on old handheld consoles, but you can’t find it anywhere? Are you looking for an emulator to play classic games smoothly? Then Pizza Boy GBC Pro – GBC Emulator will be the perfect app for you, as it integrates all the best features for an emulator. In addition, you will be immersed in the unique game world that the application offers. Let’s find out how this great application!

Pizza Boy GBC Pro v4.3.5 APK (Patched) Download for Android Pizza Boy GBC Pro v4.3.5 APK (Patched) Download for Android


Pizza Boy GBC Pro is an emulator that integrates the most advanced features you will ever know. The application is provided and developed by Pizza Emulators – a developer with well-known emulators. With a GBC emulator, this application will give you the best experience. Turn your smart device into the ultimate handheld game console.

This emulator will bring you back to old and nostalgic games. With so many attractive traditional games, you can freely choose the app’s game store games that can’t be found anywhere now. So enjoy great experiences with this app now.


Pizza Boy GBC Pro has significantly been improved compared to the old versions. The application has a very nice Graphical User Interface and is easy to use. The application has no time limit; you can freely play the games in the application without worrying about the interruption. You can optionally adjust the color scheme in particular and the interface, in general, the way you want. The special thing is that in this application, the cheating factor will be eliminated entirely in any way thanks to the brand new fraud manager.

Pizza Boy GBC Pro v4.3.5 APK (Patched) Download for Android Pizza Boy GBC Pro v4.3.5 APK (Patched) Download for Android Pizza Boy GBC Pro v4.3.5 APK (Patched) Download for Android

This application automatically saves your progress and actions automatically while you are accessing or making any adjustments in the application. The control system and menu of the application have also been enhanced, significantly improved to bring a better user experience. Besides, there are many optimizations to help you use the application more effectively and more enjoyable.


This application has the highest accuracy that previous emulators have never achieved because it is the only emulator on Google Play to pass all the super difficult Blargg tests. In particular, the application is rated for deficient battery consumption and fantastic performance. The storage speed of the application is incredibly fast.

Slow-motion and fast-forward will make your game more exciting than ever. You can challenge yourself at different speeds in the game. The size of the buttons and the total adjustment of the position are also improved to fit the user’s eyes and make the application more classy. Hardware keyboards are also supported for the best experience.


You may not know, Pizza Boy GBC Pro has attracted a lot of users and installs since its launch. The app is also highly rated for everything. The games in the app include the most traditional and unique games you’ve ever known. The details are meticulously drawn with a beautiful and bright image and interface, the details are meticulously drawn, the game is diverse, rich, or designed, and the positions are combined harmoniously and reasonably. The application has created a unique, best-in-class emulator in the world, conquering casual users and the most demanding users, even the most expert critics.

High-quality sound and connect to wifi so that the application can work at its best and so that you can fully enjoy all the best features of the application. Not only that, but this application also has many outstanding features such as BIOS and Game Boy Camera support, MBC7 ROMS or gyroscope support, etc. Many exciting surprises are waiting for you to discover.

Above is some information about the application that attracts a large number of users around the world. Pizza Boy GBC Pro has such appeal because it has reached a level of almost completeness compared to the emulators that existed before. Use the app to enter a world of unique handheld video games that you absolutely must try. If you love traditional games and the way to play games with handheld consoles, then congratulations! You’ve found the app that’s right for you! Guaranteed, this great application will not let you down; on the contrary, it will immerse you in this exciting game world.


Pizza Boy GBC Pro v4.3.5 APK (Patched) Download for Android

SIZE : 17M

GURGE : Emulator

– 4.3.3 – Patched

– 4.3.1 – Patched

– 4.2.0 – Patched

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