Pizza Boy GBA Pro v1.27.3 APK + MOD (Patched/Sync)

Pizza Boy GBA Pro is one of the best handheld emulator platforms today. This is the best support application for mobile devices, for games on your phone easier than ever. With the main mission of bringing convenience to the gaming community, our application development team created this product with the best quality. If you are playing the game but feel uncomfortable during hand operation, rest assured, our application will help you fix this. It will support you in the best way during the game. Download this application now, discover and experience the exciting things in the application.

Pizza Boy GBA Pro v1.27.3 APK + MOD (Patched/Sync)

The improvement of the application

Pizza Boy GBA Pro is the application with the most breakthrough and powerful improvements on the market today. We always listen to all users’ comments, from which the application development team will try to improve it ideally to bring the best quality product. Although this is a cost-effective version, it is also an improved version over the old free version. The interface is the first thing that, at the end of the month, we improve. Users can easily customize their interface to look more beautiful.

Pizza Boy GBA Pro v1.27.3 APK + MOD (Patched/Sync)

Cheating issues will be eliminated during the application experience and participation in games. This will bring certain fairness to everyone. Syncing Google Drive is now easier than ever through this app. The automatic feature will always be set up when the user starts to access the application, especially saving at a breakneck speed. This application requires wi-fi to be able to operate more smoothly. The menu settings system is perfectly set up, and at the same time, it will be much more advanced than the old version.

Pizza Boy GBA Pro v1.27.3 APK + MOD (Patched/Sync)

The application best supports the cartridge hardware. Back mode will also be integrated into this version to give the most overview of the application. Besides, there are many features that we have improved and perfected. When users participate in the application experience, it will bring highly great things for everyone.

Popular features of the application

Pizza Boy GBA Pro is one of the factors that we actively improve. All features in this version will be superior and more complete than the old version a lot. That said, this version is one of the perfect and best performances ever that the app has to offer. The app’s save feature is one of the most improved. The storage speed, as well as the storage capacity, are both breakneck and large.

Pizza Boy GBA Pro v1.27.3 APK + MOD (Patched/Sync)

The state restores feature will help all data contained in the application be completely restored. Shooting motion and fast forward will also assist a lot during the user experience. The buttons’ size is also significantly improved; the total position customization will also be greatly enhanced. The hard keyboard will be supported by the system for me to help users use it effectively.

Some outstanding features

Besides the preeminent features and improvements that Pizza Boy GBA Pro – GBA Emulator app brings, it also gives users some outstanding features of this application. The application’s accuracy tests always achieve extremely high scores, outperforming all other similar platforms. The application is entirely assembled with fantastic performance.

Pizza Boy GBA Pro v1.27.3 APK + MOD (Patched/Sync)

Besides, the application’s level of consumption is highly absorbent, to the best support in prolonging use. Both the video and audio contained in the application are of the highest performance and quality. The above features will assist users in the best way during the experience, giving everyone the most convenience and satisfaction possible.

Reviews from users

Pizza Boy GBA Pro – GBA Emulator is an application that always receives positive reviews from all users. Because the quality of the products we bring is perfect, user reviews have become a great motivator for our application development team always to try and make efforts to make it better. Hopefully, in the future, this application will grow more and more, Bring new and exciting things for everyone. Hopefully, everyone will always support this app.


  • The license check has been removed. Signature test. Synchronization with Google Drive won’t work.

Pizza Boy GBA Pro v1.27.3 APK + MOD (Patched/Sync)

SIZE : 18M

GURGE : Emulator

– 1.27.3 – MOD

– 1.27.0 – MOD

– 1.26.11 – MOD

– 1.26.10 – MOD


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