Pixel Gun 3D v21.8.0 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Ammo)

Pixel Gun 3D (MOD, Unlimited Ammo) is a simple action shooting gun yet offers chaotic and bustling battlefields with various features for players to enjoy with friends.

Pixel Gun 3D – FPS Shooter & Battle Royale is an entertaining first-person shooter game that every player should spend time in this game. It is known that this shooting game leans towards the cute genre and is different from similar tactical shooters. With 8-bitch blocky graphics and competitive gameplay, it gives players great content. The version of the game promises to be the favorite game you.

Pixel Gun 3D v21.8.0 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Ammo)


Pixel Gun 3D – this is a name that is no longer too strange for today’s gamers. It can be said that the game is too hot and has received enthusiastic support from the world gaming communities. You’re probably familiar with first-person-based games, aren’t you? This game is also one of the types of that genre. A shooting game that allows players to compete against many players in this shooting world. This is also an opportunity for you to experience and explore the special content of the game and promises always to satisfy you on every level. The game brings new FPS shooting gameplay combined with survival.

Pixel Gun 3D v21.8.0 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Ammo)


In this game, you will be spoiled to enjoy the experience of gun battles with great graphics similar to Minecraft. What is more, the background and character images are all built from pixelated squares. This graphics style has scored with many players. It is also a highlight for Pixel Gun 3D to attract many players to participate with the upgrade of Battle Royale gameplay anytime and anywhere. Most of the 21.4 updates have improved a lot for the game and are focused on the UI.

Pixel Gun 3D v21.8.0 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Ammo)


Regular game updates will give you great things to explore the game. More than 800 modern weapons, 40 valuable equipment, and tools, ten diverse game modes with other characteristics are all upgraded for you. These contents will help you a lot while participating in survival battles against tough zombies. Overall, the game has been improved and adjusted in terms of UI battle. Besides, there is a lot of unique content waiting for you to discover. In addition, a lot of costumes are also provided for players to help them become real Amazon warriors.


Pixel Gun 3D has always provided players with a variety of maps to make battles easier. Players discover new types of maps that are available right in this game. The Incident is the latest map that is also where the campaign of the zombie wars started. The map will guide and help you move to the right target. Besides, the game always supports many different battle maps.

Pixel Gun 3D v21.8.0 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Ammo)


More than 800 weapons are included in the game and provide players with a variety of weapon options. There are diverse types of guns such as heavy machine guns, AK 47 rifles, MP5 semi-automatic guns, etc. Players can completely use a variety of weapons, from simple to complex, to participate in battles. When you have those powerful weapons in your hands, you will never have to worry about the confrontation of the enemy. However, the grenade is quite essential that you must not forget it. Besides, you collect more powerful weapons, upgrade your character’s armor and collect more grenades to have more chances to survive through the levels.


Pixel Gun 3D has always felt like a shooting game with the most game modes. Of course, as mentioned, you can enjoy many different game modes in it, from modes like Campaign, Death Match to Arena, and Survival. Besides, the survival mode and destroy zombie Apocalypses are also excellent that you should try.

Pixel Gun 3D v21.8.0 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Ammo)

In the survival game mode, your gunner will face many dangers everywhere, from zombies that appear from a human mojito. It seems that the challenge is also gradually increased through the game modes, and you need to focus on your strategies. Those zombies are revived from characters like police officers, doctors, and people who were once close to you. However, those are the enemies that you have to destroy and ignore. These zombies will make you it’s kind in no time.


In addition to the game screen against the machine, players can participate in the mini-games no less interesting than the main game’s main content. If you are too tired of always being the best player on the battlefield, it’s time for you to participate in competitions to show your talent. Through competitions to assert yourself as the best player worldwide. Sniper tournaments, Parkour challenges, or roller coaster competitions are mini-games waiting for you to experience.


  • Unlimited Ammo
  • If there is a ban, press Restart and reopen the game

Pixel Gun 3D v21.8.0 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Ammo)

SIZE : 1.5G

GURGE : Simulation, Survival

apk installer
– 21.8.0 – MOD V1

apk installer
– 21.8.0 – MOD V2

– 21.8.0 – Original

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