Pixel Fury v20.0 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit) Download for Android

Minecraft since it began to release until current points always win the hearts of the players. Therefore, there are some game products produced later that also want to reuse this type of graphics to attract players. Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D is one of the games that take full advantage of the trends of the times. Basically it is a Battle Royale game using Minecraft design. This smart choice has created a brand for the game and brought a lot of support from gamers.

Pixel Fury v20.0 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit) Download for Android

Multiplayer online battles

Pixel Fury is well known as a development game thanks to the use of Battle Royale gameplay. That’s why it also favors mixed fighting between many people. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can fight with many people from all over the world. Following the simple rules of Battle Royale, the game will automatically find 100 people and take them to the secret island. Here they will have to fight to survive and become the last survivor if they want to escape from this place. The interaction of many players on such a map creates many different types of tactics. Unique and different situations are the main attraction of the game when players experience it.

Pixel Fury v20.0 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit) Download for Android

The map is extremely large

For those who are familiar with Battle Royale in general and PUBG in particular, the map is a very important factor in the game experience. The small map will allow you to quickly meet opponents to play with. Moreover, the matches will not be too long and waste your time. However, small maps like this will not focus on the discovery element, but only on battles. Pixel Fury gives players a playful atmosphere and gives you a large map. If you join the game, I immediately realize that the map is like a city building game. The buildings are built close to each other, the roads are clearly outlined so you can easily move around the city. Therefore, you will have more time to dodge enemies and prepare for future battles. In addition, the map will have places near but not related to battle but it is a place worth visiting. If you are not a fighting enthusiast, you can travel to these places. However, pay attention to the circle because it will shrink very quickly and you will meet your opponent soon.

Abundant arsenal with a lot of different equipment suitable for battle

It is true that this game offers an arsenal with a variety of guns for you to choose from. When coming to the game, you will have to search for the chest. They will give you a few different types of equipment. If you are lucky, you will immediately receive guns. With weapons in hand earlier than others, immediately find those who do not have weapons to defeat them. However, if you are unlucky to encounter people who have weapons stronger than you, you will probably be killed. You can own conventional weapons such as shotguns, submachine guns, sniper rifles, etc. Or sometimes you can receive weapons with greater destructive power such as is a grenade launcher or a flamethrower. In addition to guns, you can also get other weapons such as light swords, mines, or bows. Depending on the type of weapon you receive, devise a strategy to survive.

Pixel Fury v20.0 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit) Download for Android

How to play especially attractive and allows you to fight is fun

The game also has the mechanism to upgrade and use weapons like in Minecraft. The longer you stay in the game, the higher your level will be. Each time you level up can get benefits such as your own stats. In addition, players can also use the materials they have picked up on the way to craft new items. Make the most of all your potential to survive.

The game will bring you a variety of modes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag! These are all attractive modes that allow the player to fight different rules than usual. If you are bored with the games that you usually play, you can try in these modes.


  1. GodMode
  2. Max Armor
  3. Instant Kill
  4. Rapid Fire
  5. High Headshot Damage
  6. Max Fire Distance
  7. No Fire Delay
  8. No Spread
  9. No Ads
  10. AntiBan

Pixel Fury v20.0 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit) Download for Android

SIZE : 87M

GURGE : Action

– 20.0 – MOD

– 20.0 – Original

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