PitchBlack – Substratum Theme v89.9 (Patcher) APK Download for Android

Technology is increasingly developed to serve people in different activities. Specifically, they can watch sports online or search for any information. Smartphones gradually become an indispensable tool for everyone. It can be said that it is personal so that the user can edit it to their liking from the background to the font. If you are looking for an app to help you decorate your phone, then PitchBlack – Substratum Theme will be a good idea.

PitchBlack - Substratum Theme v89.9 (Patcher) APK Download for Android

The app is only compatible with certain platforms

This application is not for devices such as Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Huawei. Therefore, you should read the app description to find the right application you can use. If you are not on a supported device, you can look for another version similar to this application. Also, another requirement for you to use it is that you need the Substratum tool. It can be said that this tool is compatible with Substratum. So it would help if you considered using both to get beautiful themes for your phone.

PitchBlack - Substratum Theme v89.9 (Patcher) APK Download for Android

Application to change the theme for the phone

PitchBlack – Substratum Theme is an application that gives users the ability to change their phone’s black theme. For those who like black, this app is a great app that helps you bring mystery to your phone. The colors are simple but bring a fresh touch to the way you use your phone. During installation, the application requires some steps to be able to install. In addition to the needed Substrtum toolkit, you also need to take steps depending on which android platform you are running. It will take quite a while to use this application, but you should also consider not owning such a useful application.

PitchBlack - Substratum Theme v89.9 (Patcher) APK Download for Android

The specific functionality this app replaces the theme can do is overlaying the apps and backgrounds. You will adjust the accent and background for your apps and phones. Thanks to that, you can make your phone even newer. In particular, users should pay close attention to choosing the colors that make them feel comfortable.

At the same time, the application also gives users many apps that support themes. That allows them to change the style of the applications they use. It stimulates creativity as well as the change needed in the process of using the phone. Users always want the phone to be new, so sometimes the phone’s look is changed regularly. If you are a beginner and need an application-specific answer, you cannot overlook contacting the producer directly. That is really necessary for users, as the app publisher can specifically answer the problems users face. That ensures that the number of users who install the application is increasing.

PitchBlack - Substratum Theme v89.9 (Patcher) APK Download for Android

PitchBlack – Substratum Theme is a theme changer only compatible with different platforms and platforms. That requires the user to carefully read the application description to decide whether to install it. The application provides them with the function of changing the phone theme (accent and background) so that the user can change the phone’s look. Simultaneously, using your phone will always be fun as you can change the theme you like, thank PitchBlack – Substratum Theme.


PitchBlack – Substratum Theme v89.9 (Patcher) APK Download for Android

SIZE : 55M

GURGE : Personalization

– 89.9 – MOD

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