Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro v2021.09.19

Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro is an excellent tool for STEM education, academia, and industry that allows users to collect, record, and export data in a comma-separated-value format. The data you submit will be precisely charted in time or digitally displayed for more accessible analysis with this intelligent software. You can export the data into a spreadsheet or a charting tool with a more thorough display for further research.


Each bug has been revised and updated in Multi Record mode for a smoother and more flexible user experience. In addition, a new speedometer mode has been added in GPS mode so that users can calculate and analyze the data in real-time. This application functions like an accurate sensor, making it simple and easy for users to collect, record and export data.

Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro v2021.09.19 Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro v2021.09.19


In addition to the physical tool sensor features, Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro has other unique features. Users can analyze the sound from the data with a spectrum analyzer or Oscilloscope function more accurately and quickly. With the Oscilloscope function, you can plot the signal against the time-lapse of your data very simply.

In addition, the application also contains a calibration feature so that users can effectively check the functioning and specifications of the device. You will receive data alerts from the app to keep your device safe and download files once recorded to your device for monitoring. Two data filters include Moving Average and Kalman (for g-force mode), so you can filter out the data that meets your needs more quickly and accurately.


A menu allows the user to sense or generate data with this unique sensing feature. The G-force meter will help you measure data accurately with automatic calibration or moving average and filter with Kalman filter. Besides, linear accelerometers and gyroscopes are also measured with automatic calibration or moving averages, but the figures are slightly variable.

The barometer for barometric pressure measurement will use manual calibration to check by selecting offset and moving average values. In addition, to measure the sensor, you need to use the ruler, magnetometer, compass, GPS in Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro for more accurate and more accessible measurement.

Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro v2021.09.19 Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro v2021.09.19


In addition to the above tools, you also need to use Roller Coasters such as G-Force Meter, Linear Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and Barometer. Besides, you also have to use an inclinometer to measure the audio data’s azimuth, roll, and pitch in the most accurate way. Light meter for measuring light intensity manually calibrated by selecting offset or moving average, giving you maximum control over brightness.

In addition, Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro also supports sound meter, color detector, tone detector, sound oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, and audio spectrum to analyze compelling sounds and melodies more efficiently and quickly.


Multiple recordings are exported after the analysis has been completed, making it easier for users to download their devices or recheck data. Within the records, the user can select one or more sensors to collect data at the same time and decompose them into files.

Those files will be easily named before exporting or saving, so you can retrieve them more quickly when needed. In addition, the generator in Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro contains a tone generator, color generator, and a stroboscope for users to perform analysis more efficiently.


Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro v2021.09.19

SIZE : 33M

GURGE : Tools

– 2021.09.19 – Paid

– 2021.09.04 – Paid

– 2021.08.24 – Paid

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