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Perfect Piano v7.6.2 APK + MOD (VIP/Premium Unlocked) Download

Perfect Piano is an application designed to simulate a Smart Piano, designed exclusively for mobile device users. The different tones of a genuine piano are built-in, the application guides users on how to play the Piano. The application simulates a piano like a real piano, allowing users to manipulate the device’s screen. Download the application right to your device to experience the most attractive music, the fun moments when learning how to play the real piano.

Perfect Piano v7.6.2 APK + MOD (VIP/Premium Unlocked) Download Perfect Piano v7.6.2 APK + MOD (VIP/Premium Unlocked) Download Perfect Piano v7.6.2 APK + MOD (VIP/Premium Unlocked) Download


The application is programmed to meet the entertainment needs of users. Those who love the piano but cannot afford to buy a piano can now play on your phone. The authentic design and full integration of the piano’s timbre make users feel the closest and most authentic. The smart keyboard is programmed with 88 keys, including many one-row modes, double row mode. Dual player and chord modes for maximum user support.

The application supports a multi-touch screen so users can completely rest assured and use; any keyboard key will respond to the sound in time. If you feel that the size of the keyboard is a bit small, then don’t worry; we allow the user to resize it to fit their finger. Many sound effects are programmed in the application, such as Pipe Organ, Rhodes, Bright Piano, Grand piano, Music Box, Synthesizer to add more fun to the player.

Perfect Piano v7.6.2 APK + MOD (VIP/Premium Unlocked) Download


The built-in piano has a variety of sounds, and the application can record ACC and MIDI. Features such as a metronome, low latency sound support of Open SL ES, and the application can also record audio, directly share files, or use set as ringtones. The music you composed yourself can now be used as phone ringtones, and this feature is interesting and impressive. Thousands of popular, most popular songs are now ready for you to play, practice hard and perform for everyone to see.

The instructions we bring to the user are easy to understand when practicing, including sample guide tracks, falling notes, waterfall, etc… The game modes are quite diverse such as semi-automatic play, automatic play, pause notes. Set your left and right-hand habits to suit the Piano app, and players can also adjust the difficulty and adjust the music playback speed. Support for free audio plug-ins for users to download, for example, bass, electric guitar, flute, wooden guitar, violin, saxophone, electronic keyboard,…

Perfect Piano v7.6.2 APK + MOD (VIP/Premium Unlocked) Download


You are connected and played with many people worldwide, make friends and learn from the previous players’ experiences, practice together, and show your ability. Through the application, users can completely chat online, exchange information, or invite them to play the same music. Connect with best friends, form the best and best group, the new song challenges updated, and weekly charting.

Besides, we also support a USB MIDI keyboard, support MIDI standard protocol. It also allows users to connect MIDI keyboards (prominent names such as X-keys, Yamaha P105, Roland F 120, …) via USB. Therefore, users can control the piano, record, and play through the separate external MIDI keyboard, which is very handy. However, note that the feature is only available for devices running Android 3.1 or higher operating systems. The application provides users with a small Piano Widget on the screen that allows users to play music at any time without having to open the application directly.

Perfect Piano v7.6.2 APK + MOD (VIP/Premium Unlocked) Download


In terms of design, the application is minimalistic but fully meets the needs and features of users. A series of black and white keyboards are drawn in detail and neatly. On the corner of the screen are the settings, recording, sound file keys for users to use when needed. Classical music is fully provided for you to use; the utilities in the application are arranged flexibly and scientifically. The app’s interface design is minimal, the necessary features and settings are exposed, the app’s colors are good looking to the user.

Perfect Piano v7.6.2 APK + MOD (VIP/Premium Unlocked) Download

What are you waiting for? Please visit the store and immediately download the Perfect Piano application to your phone, with us to experience moments of relaxation and fun. The clear sound of the piano sounded excited; this application has now replaced the boring moments of entertainment before. We hope that the application will receive the most positive feedback from users. If you have any comments or reviews, please send us an inbox.


Perfect Piano v7.6.2 APK + MOD (VIP/Premium Unlocked) Download

SIZE : 49M

GURGE : Music – Audio

– 7.5.9 – MOD

– 7.6.2 – Original

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