PC Architect Advanced v1.7 (MOD, Money) APK download for Android

In everyday life, you have to use a lot of computers but still, do not understand all the mechanisms of its operation. That is why we all have to rely on computer engineers to fix them when they encounter system errors. If we have a bit of knowledge about them, it will be easier to correct simple mistakes. Understand the curiosity that Games From Garage released a PC simulation game so you can experience the feeling of a real computer engineer.

PC Architect Advanced (PC building simulator) is actually a very complicated simulation game with technical specifications of the computer industry that you almost never know. But so the game was re-gain more support of the gamers love to learn. This is a pro version of the game with advanced features compared to the previous version. Therefore, the amount of professional knowledge that it brings much deeper.

Installation a perfect computer

If you participate in the game will become overwhelmed with the majesty of it. Wanting to build a perfect PC requires a lot of technical details to put together. So the game offers a lot of parts up to 500+ for gamers to customise and maximise the performance of PC. The processor of the game is also well represented through multi GPU / HDD. The storage system of the game is also very clear hierarchy e-shop and local shop. If you buy a department at an e-shop, the price will be much higher but it is not sold in the local shop. A long time after it was ordered to the local shop but will be sold at lower prices, Following your budget.

Besides, you will have to make money to buy more ingredients for your more powerful PCs in the game. There are so many benchmark competitions that you can win and have more budget for yourself. Orders will come in handy, so you can assemble components that make up a perfect PC, if possible overclock your PC to get the most out of your product. While playing the game, the most significant problems you can encounter are incompatibility, overheating, insufficient power and other issues.

There is also a mode for you to practice while waiting for orders to come to you. In this sandbox mode you can do everything with your own devices and even those you do not already own. Test the orders that you think are most likely to make your PC as fast as possible. You can use it to find the right equipment to buy it right away in e-shops in upcoming competitions or just wait for it to be ordered to the local shop.


The game has pretty good graphics even if it’s not 2D. The details of the PC are designed to be identical to real life parts. Therefore, the real engineers can also be satisfied with the graphics of the game. Besides, the game also works very well, showing the players clear PC activities in addition to the fact that they know more things.


PC Architect Advanced MOD is an excellent choice for tech lovers and tech present. In the PC Architect universe, brands such as Kintel, Rvidia, RMD and Ai have been launched. Do not hesitate, download the game and learn the magic of technology right now.


PC Architect Advanced v1.7 (MOD, Money) APK download for Android

SIZE : 39M

GURGE : Simulation


– 1.7.01 – Original

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