Pawn Shop Master v0.66 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

There is a service called Pawn Shop in society, which sells everything globally; it has no focus and one item but will trade everything that peoples offer. In other words, if you need money, you go there to sell personal items, and then receive money corresponding to the item’s value. This article will introduce you to Pawn Shop Master, a simulation game that owns Pawn Shop, where you build a career by trading items with everyone. This game also gives you many interesting things to relax, as well as experience many funny situations.

Pawn Shop Master v0.66 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download


A pawn shop is a place where people go to buy leftovers from others, and also a place to sell unnecessary things to have a little money. Pawn Shop Master will reimagine all of the store’s processes for the player, including the item analysis mold, pricing, and negotiation. Players need to know how to bid perfectly so that the benefits are always on their side, and all NPCs won’t have any thoughts no matter what decision the player makes. From there, players will collect everything, sell, trade, and even denounce items deemed stolen. The store owner is you, and you will do everything to make a profit.

Pawn Shop Master v0.66 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download


When managing a store, players will be assisted with a versatile scanning engine, capable of identifying its price, condition, name, and origin upon completion to scan. Based on the real value that can be scanned, the player has to negotiate the right price and then sell them at a higher price to those who need it. However, players must also monitor police reports about stolen items, and the system will automatically archive for the player. If the player knows the item was stolen, but still wants to sell it, the shop will be searched and suffer heavy economic damage.

Pawn Shop Master v0.66 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download


The customer will continuously go to the player’s store to negotiate each item’s price, and if after reaching an agreement, those items will be automatically collected into the player’s inventory. The player’s store can be expanded and upgraded with more functionality, and the player should prioritize taking care of expensive items and presenting them in the most prominent places. Player income always comes from auctions or when customers buy new things. However, a negotiation mechanism will still exist during the sale because people always want the best price for themselves.

Pawn Shop Master v0.66 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download


If players participate in street auctions, they can collect many valuable items in each warehouse they win. The rule of the auction is simple, the player will bid on random warehouses, in which there will be many different items, but the warehouse owner will give a random value. Everything is random, and it is also random for the player to make a profit after having a warehouse.

Being a Pawn Shop owner is always a business challenge, as it involves many random factors. But if you want to experience that kind of business, then Pawn Shop Master will be an option for you, even giving you endless joy when negotiating with customers.


  • Removed advertising display;
  • Free purchases for real money (after clicking on the button, wait up to 10 seconds and the purchase will be completed).

Pawn Shop Master v0.66 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

SIZE : 80M

GURGE : Casual

– 0.62 – MOD

– 0.66 – Original

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