PAKO Forever v1.2.0 (MOD, Unlocked Car) APK download for Android

Have you ever stepped into a parking lot and felt really a battlefield? The number of cars in the hundreds of cars, if you are lucky, it is easy to get out of the car, the opposite will be struggling for a long time. PAKO Forever is a new game that simulates the difficulty of driving and avoiding obstacles in the endless parking lot. If you have not known, then there was a PAKO-Car Chase Simulator series with old graphics, but our game is the revival version of it.

You will quickly find the similarity of PAKO Forever and your brother. However, this time Tree Men Game- also the father of the previous series will give your child a new look. New graphics, different features, sound system are updated with music catch ear, upgrade control system and many other elements in gameplay.


In the previous versions, you will find adventure in many places, but PAKO Forever will be the real battle in an endless parking lot. You will be driving in there and find a way out of all the other cars that are hitting you in your car. They are driven by crazy drivers who are trying their best to destroy anyone who wants to get out of the parking lot. We can see a familiar thing in the old version is the UFO hovering over the top of the car. Moreover, these alien spacecraft fire off the rays. Thousands of surprises will be included in the re-image version.

Producers have come up with the game’s controls with an easy-to-use guide. Simply put, the player can control his car with just two fingers or even one. Your car will automatically move forward without stopping. So you just need to click on the left or right side of the screen to steer the car, hold BOTH buttons for extra slide .. On the map will have many obstacles to dodge, and also the umbrella I am straight toward you. Try to drive, so that exciting do not hit anything. Also, find out how to get lots of power-ups or wacky bonus items. They will help you a lot in exceptional cases. Just double tap on the screen so you can easily use them.

Sum up

The map of the game is favored by the designer and is diversified as it changes over and over again each time you enter a different game. Besides, the designer offers both portrait and landscape modes so you can choose and play your favorite postures. They have also prepared many vehicles in the store so you can unlock them every time you accumulate enough money after the game. Also, game data is stored in the cloud, so you do not lose the game.


PAKO Forever v1.2.0 (MOD, Unlocked Car) APK download for Android

SIZE : 29M

GURGE : Racing

– 1.2.0 – MOD

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