Package Disabler Pro+ v16.2 APK + MOD (Full Paid)

If talking about the IOS operating system, the iPhone is undoubtedly one of the biggest men in the phone industry with many famous devices. Every year, Apple only releases a few new models for users to use. Some people do not hesitate to spend a huge amount of money to own the latest iPhone. If talking about Android, the only big one that can compare with Apple is Samsung from Korea with many famous devices. Both manufacturers represent a different operating system, and both are very well known and chosen by many people to use. But it seems that more people are using Samsung devices because of the variety of prices and unique features. Then are you a fan of Samsung or not? If users are using a mid-range or low-range device from Samsung, they will feel the lag when experiencing a relatively favorable time when using. Then how to overcome that phenomenon? There is only one-way users can do that, that is by using the application Package Disabler Pro – an application exclusively for Samsung.

Package Disabler Pro+ v16.2 APK + MOD (Full Paid)


First of all, learn about how this application works; this application was created to disable Samsung system apps. It doesn’t sound easy to do, but in reality, everything is a lot easier than what users imagine. The first step that a user needs to do is to install the application on the user’s device for the application to work. Once the installation is done, the application will ask the user to gain some access to the system. Since this application is meant to be used to disable system apps, so access to the system is required. Users do not need to worry about the application will take advantage of this opportunity to steal information because the application has been carefully censored before. Once everything has been provided, the application is ready to work. Users need to start the application, select what they want to turn off, then press the button to end the work.

Package Disabler Pro+ v16.2 APK + MOD (Full Paid)

Disable application and features

It can be said that this is the most significant feature of this application for users to experience. As many people know, the applications related to the system cannot be removed because the system does not allow the user to do it. However, when using this application, the user can not uninstall it but can disable it so that it cannot work or update. Not only the system, but the app can also be used to disable the features of other apps, too, like Facebook. Facebook very often updates new versions, and new versions very often error and affect users. So this application will allow users to turn off the Facebook update feature so that it cannot be updated to the new version anymore. Thanks to that, users can use the old version with high stability and control the ability to update the application.

Save resources

System applications are always running in the background; no matter what the user does, it will always be there to work. So the user’s device is very often full of RAM and can not be used to play games or do other tasks. As the device gets older, these hidden apps will make the user’s device laggy and difficult to use compared to before. So the only way to get around this problem is to disable system apps, and this is the thing to do. Users can save a lot of device resources, for example, RAM to make it smoother, or battery, and many other things. This application will be a useful tool that users can use for freeing up memory and making the device more powerful.

Package Disabler Pro+ v16.2 APK + MOD (Full Paid)

No need for root

Probably many people have heard about the concept of root, the root is also understood as allowing users to intervene further, and the system of the operating system. Up to now, many apps with similar features, but all require the device to be rooted to work. But for this application, users do not need to root the device, install the application to use it. Therefore, the application can minimize the risks that the user may take when using the application.


Package Disabler Pro+ v16.2 APK + MOD (Full Paid)


GURGE : System

– 16.2 – PAID

– 15.2 – PAID

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