Out There: Omega Editon v3.2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Resources) Download

If you have a love and interest in mysterious space spaces but do not know which game to choose, this article will introduce you to an awe-inspiring game, a mystical cosmic space image. That game is called Out There: Omega Editon, a game hidden in its unexpected challenges with space fiction, which will surely attract your eyes from the moment you enter the game.

Out There: Omega Editon v3.2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Resources) Download


Out There – Omega Editon is a game exploring space in the sky, bringing players to the interesting and mysterious things in the cosmic sky. Considered a sci-fi space exploration game, hard to mix between rogue game mechanics. If you dream of becoming an astronaut, this game is the right choice for you to realize your passion. Let’s join the game to conquer spaceships together.

When players come to the game, players will enjoy the wonderful cosmic images and the outstanding features of the game. Besides, space is a hostile place, dangerous and mysterious adventures that will mark every step of your journey. Although some argue that the distant universe will not be what we thought it would be wrong, in fact, there are more interesting things than we imagined.

Out There: Omega Editon v3.2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Resources) Download


Considered a role-playing game, you will play the role of a real astronaut, and you will be exploring mysterious spaces in the universe. With short gameplay mechanics, players will approach science technology from a deserted space station of aliens and start making cosmic jumps to move to distant places. Besides, the game also has many diverse gameplay mechanics.

Moreover, with each session, players will enjoy a variety of gameplay along with different gameplay. Players play the role of an astronaut responsible for fighting against supernatural forces outside the earth to protect himself as the whole of humanity. Besides, players will experience and explore remote lands with magical things present on them.

Out There: Omega Editon v3.2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Resources) Download


A vague adventure in deep space with supernatural cosmic images. At first, players only have a limited amount of technology and enough resources to fly to a planet in the galaxy to explore and manipulate to survive. The game always creates a feeling of surprise, and players can fly to a cosmic planet and see your spaceship about to run out of fuel suddenly being refueled in space.

The adventures of danger and mystery will mark every step of your trip. Of course, you will meet intelligent species that are interested in you and deal with ancient powers related to your destiny and the fate of humanity itself. The game helps you entertain and gives players a lot of useful knowledge for your life, in addition to existence and understanding of what is really at stake in the core galaxy.

Out There: Omega Editon v3.2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Resources) Download


The name elements make the game unique, with each landing on a new journey, and a random event can happen that you never know before. However, in this game, the player should also be notable for overcoming the adventures to fulfill their missions well. Therefore, players should be careful in all their paths accordingly.

However, the game combines many great elements. Still, the gameplay is also somewhat difficult to play, so this game is only suitable for adults, with dark adventures in the space behind with 350 unique text adventures with lots of options. What’s interesting is that you will always discover new things in your space travel experience. However, all game elements depend on the player’s ability and luck.

Out There: Omega Editon v3.2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Resources) Download

The game offers an engaging survival and resource management experience in content along with diverse gameplay in a nutshell. Combined with many elements along with the arcade-style makes a great game for everyone. It can be said that there are few games with similar themes that are perfect like this game. Coming to the player, you will experience many mysterious spaceships and meet aliens, beautiful spaceships.


  • To get 1000 units of resources, you need to divide this resource in the inventory of the ship and click on the “+” or “-” button.

Out There: Omega Editon v3.2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Resources) Download

SIZE : 107M

GURGE : Strategy

– 3.2 – MOD

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