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ORG 2022 v2022.2.0.0 APK + MOD (Unlocked All Content)

ORG 2022 can replace a big band with the audio traffic it owns. You can be a guitarist, a drummer, and even a keyboard player.

Are you a singer enthusiast? Or want to become a professional musician without knowing how, where to start. An excellent suggestion for you is the app ORG 2022. With this application, it emulates drum kits and various KORG keyboards, outputting high-quality outstanding sounds you can use directly on your phone while playing music with friends by yourself composing tunes,… without having to use a personal computer.

ORG 2022 v2022.2.0.0 APK + MOD (Unlocked All Content) ORG 2022 v2022.2.0.0 APK + MOD (Unlocked All Content)

What is an ORG 2021 application?

ORG is an application designed as a Virtual software DJ on the computer. Users can use this application to play the music they like, compose songs, and significantly help those who are new to the profession or want to explore all kinds of musical instruments without conditions… this application will respond to all of those conditions. Bring musical instruments seemingly far away from you, very close to you, giving you the most realistic audio experience. Besides, this application also owns a multitude of dynamic effects, diverse genres of music.

At the same time, it is also open-source software that allows users to use it for free without having to pay royalties; especially the application also provides a huge resource of musical instruments, many drum sets, rhythms, DNC instruments … This application supports installation on the Android operating system. It is upgraded, updated with new versions regularly. Therefore, the functions on the application are always updated, refreshed, ensuring that the data source is always rich, diverse towards the needs of users.

ORG 2022 v2022.2.0.0 APK + MOD (Unlocked All Content) ORG 2022 v2022.2.0.0 APK + MOD (Unlocked All Content)

Main features of ORG 2021

This application will allow players to connect to a real musical keyboard via a USB MIDI cable, use the phone as a microphone with audio filters, record, play songs, add effects, and other gadgets in the most professional way. The app has support for you to add programmable sound/loop buttons to play audio files, edit tools, import musical instruments, and liven up your music while playing live. Add any music you like. Choose songs on your phone or download songs on the mobile app store that make your own.

Simultaneously, the app also features KORG keyboard emulation with Fade, Synchro, Keyboard Set, Tempo, Tempo, Octave, Equalize, Adjust, Split, Chord Memory, Tap Tempo / Set again … so if you want to create high-quality MP3 sharing to social networks (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Line, …), then this app is a tool that you should not ignore. Also, you can also play the music yourself through the virtual keyboard.

Utilities that ORG 2021 brings

Like other music player applications, this application also has outstanding features of effects. But it is designed to add exceptional utilities, providing convenience for users. It is the combination of all these means your input with a single tool USB MIDI, Record and produce sounds simultaneously, creating sound effects through the use of multiple instruments …

Also, it is designed to add outstanding utilities, bringing convenience for users with functions: increase or decrease the sound, adjust the music playback speed, add music files by selecting from the list…. ORG 2021 comes with all the features you need to create an outstanding track.

Nice interface, good sound quality

ORG 2021 is one of the application lists highly appreciated by users for its easy-to-use interface. The application is designed extremely simply with reality. The layouts are reasonably spaced. The music playing is only through rhythm manipulation, drum set adjustment. This is a highly new design that gives you quick mastering of this application. Just a few steps, you can create the most professional music.

Another attraction for users is that this application allows you to save and share high-quality MP3 tracks. So you can save MP3 on your device, share it on other social networking sites like Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, … without fear of poor sound quality, not sharp. Therefore, using this application, boring music will become a beautiful thing. Take your musical instrument skills to the next level. Therefore, this is a valuable companion for you!

ORG 2021 is a perfect music player with many new music features. Using this application, players will be able to experience lively and attractive music for themselves as professional musicians. If you are looking for an audio application with many outstanding features, quickly install it on your device to experience it together with your friends!


ORG 2022 v2022.2.0.0 APK + MOD (Unlocked All Content)

SIZE : 61M

GURGE : Music – Audio

– 2018.1.1.0 – MOD

– 2022.1.0.9 – Original

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