Oh!Edo Towns v2.1.2 APK (Paid) – Download for Android

An exciting strategy game about to be introduced to help you experience a period of Japanese history is Oh!Edo Towns. Players will play an essential role in the game and own a large piece of land. So their job in the game is to develop it to some extent and make more money. In addition, there will be many exciting elements waiting for players that you cannot take your eyes off.

Oh!Edo Towns v2.1.2 APK (Paid) - Download for Android


Players will enter a world designed to resemble Japan’s Edo period closely, and you will be the owner of a specific land you will have to manage. So your job is to find new things to build yourself a prosperous area with many residents to visit. It can be seen as the goal that any player will want to achieve from nothing when taking over certain buildings and many abandoned things.

In Oh!Edo Towns, you will observe your area from a reasonably extensive perspective similar to other strategy games. All activities are done under your control, and you can build your land as you like. Specifically, anyone will want the buildings to be arranged logically and entirely beautiful. It can be said that this is the perspective that will help them manage the land appropriately and decorate it to their liking.

Oh!Edo Towns v2.1.2 APK (Paid) - Download for Android Oh!Edo Towns v2.1.2 APK (Paid) - Download for Android


As mentioned above, you will be the area manager with some built-in buildings, houses, roads, and some stores. So, you will expand your area by building some more buildings with other functions that you can find in the Menu section. In this section, there will be many buildings divided into many different categories and help you find them in a completely reasonable way and easily explore the information of some buildings in this game.

At the beginning of the game, you will not need to worry that you have no money, you will receive a default amount of 1500G, and you will use it to spend on many things. Open some more restaurants and extend how people can go or update some new buildings in this game. So you’ll build and prioritize what’s needed to avoid building too much. The game will announce some important information for you to guide the region’s development, or sometimes it is a reward for you.

Another point in this game that anyone will need to care about because it affects the value of money you receive in this game. Specifically, there is a stat called yield that is almost like the productivity that each building possesses. So each building has its stat, and it is not a fixed stat. So when you build some new buildings next to others, you will see their yield point increase immediately.

Oh!Edo Towns v2.1.2 APK (Paid) - Download for Android Oh!Edo Towns v2.1.2 APK (Paid) - Download for Android


In Oh!Edo Towns, the money factor is always an issue that anyone will be interested in because it is the main resource you will use to build some other buildings in this game. So there will be many ways for you to earn money from your land. Specifically, when you build up some economic factor, you will receive a certain amount of money over time. In other words, you will find ways to increase the amount you receive overtime in many research.

Another factor when you build something in this game, you should build them into an area of each other and have similar functions. Specifically, you can build fields around a house or build shops together. At the same time, some environmental factors such as trees can increase the yield for other buildings. It can be said that there are many ways for you to increase the value of any building.

When you reach a certain level of development, a consequence will be that the inhabitants will come to your area. In particular, the number of people starting from your land is minimal, and you will be able to attract many people until your city reaches a specific comfort. At the same time, when new residents settle in, you will receive a certain amount of money, so you will have more incentive to build your base.


All the factors to consider have been mentioned above; sometimes, you should not forget the aesthetics of the land is a factor to be focused on. Just changing one environmental factor can sometimes make a difference. Specifically, instead of using dirt roads, you can now use stone-paved roads to improve the aesthetic and mark your city’s development. Sometimes your appearance is also a measure of your development.


Oh!Edo Towns v2.1.2 APK (Paid) – Download for Android

SIZE : 30M

GURGE : Simulation

– 2.0.9 – Paid

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