My Pocket Girls v1.181 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money/Unlocked) Download

The great British poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning once said that: If stripped of love, the Earth is only a grave. This shows just how important love is to us. But not every boy in the world can find half of his life. Some people who have spent their entire lives searching for their other half but still cannot find them and live in solitude. If you are someone who has not yet found the true love of your life, then come to My Pocket Girls immediately. This is an interesting dating game for male players to relax and entertain with her 2D girl. Launched by MyPocketGirls.Com, this is not just a regular dating game but also gives you a sense of how love is. Please download My Pocket Girls to be able to be happy with your girl right away.


When you enter the game, you will take care of her by making her happy, feeding her, cleaning her body. To make it fun, you will play some mini-games like “Fruit Slash,” “Puzzle Game” … and many other games waiting for you to play. When you complete a certain level set by the creative team, you will receive money, and you will save this money in buying food or other items in the game. Clean her whenever the status bar drops to the required level. You will always be around her and listen to her thoughts to help her relieve stress and trust you through time. When the status bar has been accumulated, then it is time that you have successfully conquered that girl. The gameplay is not too difficult, and the mini-games that are included with the game are not too difficult to complete, in return, the game will require a lot of time to play. Because you don’t have to be able to win a girl’s heart immediately after a few hours of playing, but a long process is waiting for you.


There are up to 3 girls in the game so the giver can choose according to the preferences of different players. The first will be Yuna, a 21-year-old girl studying college in History. This is an open-minded girl who always asks her boyfriend to be romantic and adorable. Next is a 16-year-old high school girl; this is an active and happy girl to be with you. But be very careful not to make her angry, because once she gets angry, it will be extremely scary. In the end will be Izumi, a young CEO of a large corporation, which is very hot-tempered but has a great sense of humor. When she’s in a good mood, everything is fine.


My Pocket Girls has a beautiful and colorful 2D Animation graphic format that attracts the attention of the players. You will not feel like holding a phone and playing games, but you will feel like watching an anime where you are the main character who owns a great Harem. The effects of the game are also elaborated, such as the emotional effects of the character’s face when he wants something, very smooth and true. The sound in the game is also carefully completed, each character’s lines resound as if listening to a whisper in the ear so, very honest. What are you waiting for without downloading My Pocket Girls to get yourself a 2D girl?

MOD Info?

Endless money and crystals;
Unlocked paid girl.


My Pocket Girls v1.181 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money/Unlocked) Download

SIZE : 148M

GURGE : Simulation


– 1.181 – Original

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