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Music Recognition – BeatFind v1.5.4 APK + MOD (Premium)

With the development of technology, there are more and more intelligent and modern applications in today’s life. It seems too easy for everyone in the world just to need a phone with a network connection. Here, I will introduce to everyone an application that is quite popular on the market today and is trusted by many people. BeatFind music recognition is a perfect music recognition application, noticed by users with many attractive features that will ensure users a great experience.

Music Recognition - BeatFind v1.5.4 APK + MOD (Premium) Music Recognition - BeatFind v1.5.4 APK + MOD (Premium)


While you are struggling to remember what the name of the song you just heard is, even though you really like that song. This will be a helpful assistant for you. Music Recognition Beatfind is an application that helps users identify songs playing around you, and you can turn on the application to find the author, song title. All you have to do is touch the magnifying glass button and wait a few seconds for the app to tell you the song information.

It not only help you find that information but also bring you good songs in the application. It is like a composite application. Though by far its most useful feature is song recognition, there are plenty more. It can turn your smartphone into a real party with fun pictures moving to the rhythm of the music.


Why is the app considered to be the right choice for everyone? Since this is a great application for those who love music, users always want to test their own sounds. This pacemaker app is well designed and free to use. That is the application store available for download on all devices and suitable for all configurations of phones and computers.

Beatfind allows you to play music previews of the identified track and gives you the option to listen to the full range of songs on streaming services Spotify, Deezer, and Youtube. Additionally, you can quickly and easily do a web search for a recognized track without writing any words. From there, you can discover a lot of songs and singers on the app. It’s easy for everyone to use.

Music Recognition - BeatFind v1.5.4 APK + MOD (Premium) Music Recognition - BeatFind v1.5.4 APK + MOD (Premium)


Indeed, this application is beneficial and contains many special features—a completely new and great version. Users can download directly to the device with extremely light capacity that does not take up too much space of the phone, and you only need to have an Android 4.2 or higher operating system. The application is constantly being upgraded and updated continuously so that the user will not have to wait long or the application does not meet your needs in the process of searching.

Also, if you want to share with your loved ones about the wonderful song you just discovered, the app will always please you. Users can directly share their favorite music to social networking sites, any application or send it to their friends. Of course, each identified song will be saved on your history page for easy opening.


Beatfind music identification – the most popular application today, is always a hot hit and is installed by thousands of people every day. The application is created with many different colors, providing listeners with a variety of music from domestic to foreign. It deserves a handy feature for you; if someone asks you about a song, open the app and scan the song title. You can customize the look the way you want.

Listen to the song preview so you can be sure it matches what you’re looking for. This is the ultimate app for you if you want to find out more information about songs and artists. Notably, your device must be connected to the Internet to use the app. Therefore, you can realize that this application is straightforward and easily accessible to all users.

Surely you have understood all about the application, right? Surely, it will be your companion for the next few days. Users quickly set up to enjoy the great sounds and melodies of the application. The application has a mode for VIP customers, so you can use the application rest assured. Currently, the app is available on the Google Play stores. Come to Beatfind music identifier to find your favorite songs with it.


Music Recognition – BeatFind v1.5.4 APK + MOD (Premium)

SIZE : 5.4M

GURGE : Music – Audio

– 1.5.4 – Premium

– 1.5.3 – Premium

– 1.5.1 – Premium

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