ArcadeGames Survive Battle Royale MOD v1.9.2 APK download for Android (All skin unlocked)

Each game genre gives players different emotions. Shooting games make players nervous and nervous, horror games make them always in a state of anxiety and fear, or survival games will force them to use all the necessary skills to become the winner Some of the games that are accepted by players can include PUBG Mobile, Candy Crush, Arena of Valor, and so on. Producers always focus on refreshing their titles to satisfy the players’ wishes like attracting many other players. If you are a fan of the mixed-shooting shooter, you should install Survive Battle Royale.

The game is designed in 2D style and looks like games so that players can easily control things. In addition, the graphics are not too high and quite pleasant to make people not overwhelmed by the game. The manufacturer has always focused on improving the game and launching new elements of the game to make players feel late and time to experience more fun. Specifically, the game is in version 1.7.2, and during the game, you will rarely encounter errors in the game. If you now install the game, you can get Winter skin and can experience the winter battlefield or Winter event that is currently taking place.

Ready for the top-down shooter game in a unique io game universe?

Regarding gameplay, Survive Battle Royale is set in the same context as PUBG but is 2D, and you will be against all other players to become the last survivor. When playing games, you will recognize some similarities with PUBG. First, you will have to pick up the necessary equipment such as guns, health, … to equip yourself before the fight with other players. The guns will be very diverse to suit the preferences of each player, some people like fire guns and others prefer machine guns. The amount of damage will depend on the different types of guns as well as the items you have picked up. The more you pick up, the more your survival rate will increase (like picking armor in PUBG).

Besides, the game system lets you know the number of ALIVE on the ring and your KILLED number. If play zone in PUBG shrinks at a particular time, it will be the same in play zone. This allows players to gradually face and confront each other to avoid the case of players not fighting and only fleeing in the game. When you defeat a character, you will be able to pick up their item to equip yourself. If in case you can not fight other players, then find a way out then continue to pick up things and pay attention to the guns of other players to change their weapons accordingly.

If your device can’t play PUBG, then Survive Battle Royale will definitely be a game for you. With only 43MB you can experience fiery matches with veteran players around the world. Some images have an element of action but can still be played by children aged 7 and over. This game is still very safe. It will definitely be a playground for you to satisfy yourself and show your ability to other players.

MOD INFO Survive Battle Royale MOD v1.9.2 APK download for Android (All skin unlocked)

SIZE : 35 MB

GURGE : Arcade


– 1.9.2 – Original

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