MO: Astray v1.3.6 APK + OBB (Full) Download for Android

Although just debuted in 2019, MO: Astray has a solid foothold in the hearts of fans. Because around this time, many games of the same genre also came out and quickly grabbed the spotlight. Until now, it continues to evolve and become one of the best games in the side-scrolling, action-puzzler genre.

MO: Astray v1.3.6 APK + OBB (Full) Download for Android

The basic gameplay of the game

The fastest answer, MO: Astray, is similar to Mario. While the gameplay has many differences, it’s basically a game that allows the player to move from left to right until the finish line is reached. If it really were just that boring, it would sink quickly. Then the game school is fierce and requires great creativity.

Players will play the role of cute slime and fight the most powerful hostile forces ever. Thanks to this, players will have to go through one of the great challenges. The fighting condition of slime is not much. You don’t have the power to attack your opponent. Your weapon is flexibility and speed. Just move to the finish line, and you have won this game.

MO: Astray v1.3.6 APK + OBB (Full) Download for Android

The unique mechanism combines the puzzle

The player will control a slime that moves continuously, avoiding pre-built pitfalls along the way. Your opponents will be all living creatures in this world. In fact, they are no longer peaceful creatures. A disease has infected the earth and turned all into half alive, half dead. Even human beings must exist in suffering. Only MO can save them all.

The process of playing your game is like solving a difficult puzzle. The question is, “how do you overcome the pitfalls ahead?”. Your only ability is to travel extremely fast, flying through space at high speed. The player will allow their character to leave one surface and stick to the next surface they reach. If you miscalculated, you will definitely fall straight into the trap and cannot be stopped.

MO: Astray v1.3.6 APK + OBB (Full) Download for Android

The marvelous image of unique futuristic creatures

Based on the new trends, players will experience one of the most beautiful games. Check out the trailer; everything is designed with modern pixel art. That is, the game you play is designed with pixels but has a very high resolution. Players will feel the smoothness in every movement of the character.

The scene that you must pass is designed extremely creepy and dark. The only thing cute is the MO. It is again the main highlight that makes the scene glow, giving hope to this world. The blue slime is constantly moving and creates much unique acrobatics. It is truly an exciting walk in the dark world.

MO: Astray v1.3.6 APK + OBB (Full) Download for Android

The plot is vague, gradually leading to results

Players cannot determine who they are in the middle of this world. The only thing you are aware of is that you are not a slime. The story begins when you wake up in the middle of a dark and cruel world. The MO cannot know what’s going on until it goes out and becomes aware of what’s going on around it.

Everything is under the control of an alien parasitic plant and becomes increasingly insane. The living creatures were trapped in an endless limbo between death and rebirth. The melodies in this story will be slowly resolved as you overcome the challenges. Who caused this disaster? Origin of MO? What was the reason that the protagonist was transported to this world? All will slowly open up, making you constantly play the game non-stop.

MO: Astray v1.3.6 APK + OBB (Full) Download for Android

Familiar music, easily receptive

In MO: Astray, the sounds and the OST system make many people feel attractive. The little fact is that this game has the same publisher as the Cytus series. That is how the music in the game is created. For a successful studio with a music game like this, the game’s sound system must be as perfect as possible.

MO: Astray v1.3.6 APK + OBB (Full) Download for Android

A theme song was composed for the game to represent the story and adventure of MO. Besides, each scene will have different theme sounds to increase the drama. Every task is dedicated to a variety of different sounds. Really, each challenge transition is like playing a completely different game. The game maker’s enthusiasm is truly remarkable.


MO: Astray v1.3.6 APK + OBB (Full) Download for Android

SIZE : 350M

GURGE : Action

– 1.3.2 – PAID

– 1.3.2

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