MMX Hill Dash 2 v11.07.12423 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Offroad racing has long enjoyed a foothold in addition to conventional racing formats. It is a distinct kind of racing with somewhat rules. Separating from the majority of other types of this sport. With the offroad speed is not necessarily the top decisive factor, dexterity as well as situational judgment also has a great effect. stimulating in the gameplay gives players as well as viewers intense emotions. MMX Hill Dash 2 – Offroad Truck, Car & Bike Racing is one of the most anticipated games by players. version, this is one of the games that represent this unique style of gameplay

The easy-to-reach traditional gameplay

MMX Hill Dash 2 uses the familiar gameplay of off-road racing games. It allows you to control a monster truck to move on complex pre-set terrain. The goal of this game is to finish as soon as possible but not on speed but on balancing techniques. The pre-made terrains are extremely difficult with steep slopes as well as abysses. If the balance is not good, your vehicle will quickly overturn. So you will definitely receive the reception. Actually this is a traditional way of playing, without any changes at all. The change here is probably its graphics. This different change gives players a better experience, easier to find inspiration.

New graphics bring a modern experience

For games of the same type, they will do it in 2D format. Games like these are widely published on children’s game websites. Generally speaking, games like this are easy to play, but few people seriously invest in content as well as images. MMX Hill Dash 2 again succeeds in creating an image of a 3D game with strong, modern gameplay. While retaining the traditional gameplay, the visual improvements have allowed this game to go one step further.

Everything from vehicles to road and background has been modernized using carefully designed 3D images. The uniqueness of the cars we will discuss later; here should pay attention to the landscape and tracks. The landscape is uniquely designed and unique, showing where you are playing. For example, if you play in the snowy mountains, the weather is cold, the tracks get slippery and the snow falls sometimes. Or you can also go to words such as valley, desert, city, … Each place has its own characteristics that increase the challenge for players.

Many new types of monster trucks you can enjoy

MMX Hill Dash 2 does not give you a somewhat stereotyped experience of current racing games. Often compete for racing games at the present time using the latest supercar models to attract players. Actually, that is also the right strategy. However, a smaller game will never be able to compete with hit titles. Monster trucks are the objects of choice in this game. Because these models show the power and versatility in off-road racing. You never see a Lamborghini running in the hills. The Micro, The Monster, The Tank, The Buggy, The Quad Bike, The Amphibian, The Supercar, and the Snow Mobile, … All the most famous names of this Monster Trucks will be in the game. In general, in addition to existing designs, game makers also create other unique models. Overall it still captures the spirit of this vehicle and adds to the distinct creativity of the design team.

The simple controller has only two buttons

This simply demonstrates the ease of the game’s gameplay. You just need to use two fingers and a phone screen to comfortably play it. The game will be shown in the 3rd perspective with a screen scrolling mechanism from left to right. You’ll start from the left side of the screen and move continuously until you reach your destination. Like in the traditional gameplay, when you touch the accelerator on the right side the vehicle will advance. Conversely, the brake pedal on the left side causes the car to slow down. The complex terrain of “MMX Hill Dash 2” is very easy to cause your car to flip. The player must balance speed and dexterity in order to get to the finish quickly.


  • Unlimited Money
  • All Unlocked

MMX Hill Dash 2 v11.07.12423 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

SIZE : 92M

GURGE : Racing

– 11.07.12423 – MOD

– 11.06.12320 – MOD

– 11.07.12423 – Original

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