Mindz Pro – Mind Map v1.3.4 APK (Full Version)

In the world today, there have appeared countless different ways for users to build plans or solid paths for a certain job or goal. For that reason, this article will introduce Mindz, one of the tools that help users build things to complete plans. Moreover, it is flexible and superior to most similar applications today because it uses mind maps to help users become more creative and flexible. Not only that, but they can share with other users to improve teamwork performance to new heights.

Mindz Pro - Mind Map v1.3.4 APK (Full Version)


Mindz’s main ability is to allow users to build mind maps with impressive and neat plans with various smaller steps. During the construction process, the plan’s result will be the center. Then, it is divided into many small branches and repeats continuously until the completion of every process from end to start. Moreover, the application will make each line flexible and rich, as users can attach a lot of information or description within them in the form of images, text, sound, and more. Thus, its versatility is almost absolute, and users can create mind maps in many impressive styles for neat and eye-catching work distribution.

Mindz Pro - Mind Map v1.3.4 APK (Full Version) Mindz Pro - Mind Map v1.3.4 APK (Full Version)


Besides possessing absolute flexibility, the application can provide users with perfect features to keep things simple. One of them is file attachment, which allows users to insert important links instead of copying everything. Not stopping there, users can set access to each content only for each person, creating an order in the mind map to complete the work more smoothly. The impressive thing is that it will have several functions to track the user’s progress to automatically add to the most recent jobs based on their activities, progress, and access to results comfortable.


Mindz will provide users with many attractive features that allow them to have full control over the mind map in many different ways. Because of that, they can move all the compartments to other places, even bookmark and optimize them for more interaction. Moreover, many options will give users many discoveries, improving the working experience and interaction with the mind map. On top of that, its search engine is preeminent, allowing users to access any idea that contains important content. As a result, everything in this app is far superior to other plan-making apps, making it one of the best choices for in-depth plan development.

Mindz Pro - Mind Map v1.3.4 APK (Full Version) Mindz Pro - Mind Map v1.3.4 APK (Full Version) Mindz Pro - Mind Map v1.3.4 APK (Full Version)


Mindz will provide people with more features that allow them to interact and personalize the mind map flexibly. Users can also personalize the interactive interface, including changing the colors and characters within them. Moreover, they can share the plan with other users, improving teamwork and many other factors for a superior result. The interaction of the members can even be done in real-time and helps everyone continuously update information or synchronize data anytime, anywhere, and across platforms.

Mindz is a versatile application that excels at giving users a flexible map to work or plan more efficiently. Not only that but user interaction is constantly synchronized, making the application itself instantaneous and improving everyone’s interaction effectively.


Mindz Pro – Mind Map v1.3.4 APK (Full Version)

SIZE : 6.3M

GURGE : Productivity

– 1.3.4

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