METAL SLUG ATTACK v6.14.0 MOD APK (Unlimited AP/Skill)

In most people’s childhoods, the Metal Slug series is a familiar name and the most successful series in the action platform genre. After a period of release, the series has had many different games, with many changes in gameplay and entertainment is increased to new heights. It also has appeared on the mobile platform, but there are many new changes, aiming to reach the market more widely and be more user-friendly. This article will introduce an entry for mobile platforms, called Metal Slug Attack, which belongs to the genre of real-time strategy with an expansive world for players to explore new elements in the Metal Slug’s universe.

METAL SLUG ATTACK v6.14.0 MOD APK (Unlimited AP/Skill) METAL SLUG ATTACK v6.14.0 MOD APK (Unlimited AP/Skill)


Metal Slug Attack is completely different from previous games in the series, and now it applies a completely new concept to give players more engaging experiences. Although it removes constant action, its pace and gameplay have many new things to impress players. Furthermore, epic bosses battles are now improved with unique mechanics, and all AI is automatically flexible and takes combat effectiveness to new heights. Players will now complete the game through tactical elements and use resources appropriately for each campaign. The dramatic change in Metal Slug Attack’s content from most of the series is an innovative step toward reaching the broader market and friendly to people of all ages.


The combat mechanics in this game will change from continuous action to real-time strategy, and players will control all of their combat units through simple commands. However, each combat unit is integrated with a flexible and intelligent AI, automatically dodging all attacks and counter-attacking reasonably with the level’s difficulty. That makes completing the missions simpler, and players will feel the fiercest battlefield and successfully recreate previous games’ exciting and entertaining elements. Besides, the player must know how to consume strategic points properly and summon different units in different situations.

METAL SLUG ATTACK v6.14.0 MOD APK (Unlimited AP/Skill) METAL SLUG ATTACK v6.14.0 MOD APK (Unlimited AP/Skill)


For most of today’s strategy games, the base building element has become important and familiar to everyone. But in Metal Slug Attack, it is different, and the player will use the base as a resupply point, a place for new quests, and many other elements. The game will introduce more expansion mechanisms for players to research, through which they can upgrade combat units or recruit new units. Although the game does not have any aggression elements from the opposing forces, the game allows players to design their base with many different styles and still show specialized tactical elements.


The Metal Slug Attack becomes more user-friendly due to its mechanism to recruit combat units and independent stats for each unit. In battle, players can deploy many different units, but the difference in their combat performance and stats will give the player plenty of options to deploy the right lineup. All the Metal Slug series’s iconic characters will appear in this game but will be reanimated with a new and more impressive style than the original shape. If the player wants to collect new combat units, the game will have a separate recruiting system, where they use special keys to unlock or activate the recruitment process.

METAL SLUG ATTACK v6.14.0 MOD APK (Unlimited AP/Skill)


The Metal Slug series plot is simple and easy to understand, making the player participate in countless fierce battles against many different types of enemies. However, in Metal Slug Attack, the mission system will become more diverse and richer and give players more options to explore the world with a new perspective. Depending on each mission’s content, the player will receive much different loot, and those quests will improve the speed of development or exploitation of the base’s resources.


Metal Slug Attack wants to target a wider market with its gameplay and content to feature various online activities, such as special events and challenges. Those are the game’s subject and highlights, as they provide players with rare and valuable rewards, even with a small chance to receive rare combat units that everyone favorite. Moreover, through these activities, players will have the opportunity to reach out to other players and join together in joint activities to receive more great rewards.

Compared to other games in the series, Metal Slug Attack is seen as a spin-off but has more entertainment and depth than other games. Simultaneously, the game is user-friendly and simple, grows easily to a large market, and gives players new experiences to enjoy the game continuously for hours.


  • Mod Menu
  • AP increases when spent
  • No Skill CoolDown
  • No ads

METAL SLUG ATTACK v6.14.0 MOD APK (Unlimited AP/Skill)

SIZE : 80M

GURGE : Strategy

– 6.14.0 – MOD V1

– 6.14.0 – MOD V2

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