Merge Gems! v4.0.0 (MOD Money) APK download for Android

You are a gem enthusiast and want to own a collection of different gemstones, but you have not had a chance to do so yet. Do not let Merge Gems! help you reach that dream. This is a game series released by the famous game Gram Games, promises to bring great experience for anyone participating in this game. When participating in the game, you will be enjoying a variety of gems, gold and beautiful jewels. But how to collect them, to know this, invite you to follow some interesting information below.

Gram Games Limited is a mobile game development studio. Their games are mostly in the Puzzle genre and aimed at younger players. If interested, you can try some of their famous games like Merge Dragons !, Paint Tower !, 1010! Puzzle, Merge Town! And Merge Farm !. The whole point of all this game is to have fun animated style, sound and eye-catching pictures, suitable for many objects.

Merge Gems! v4.0.0 (MOD Money) APK download for Android

Combine the gems together

Matching gems together is one of the tasks that players must take when engaging in this game. When the stones are best matched together, they create a new, beautiful and shiny stones. It also has a great value. Not only gems, but you can even match other valuable items such as gold, beautiful gems and more. Enjoy the beauty and magic of their after you put the stones together. To make them look more gorgeous, you have to be as feminine as possible.

Merge Gems! v4.0.0 (MOD Money) APK download for Android

Gemstones are everywhere so go to different areas to find yourself a variety of different gems to be able to combine them and create the most magnificent stones.

Discover more new gems

To make the collection more productive, find ways to discover new gems. Keep in mind that it’s easy to find them in the shortest possible time. In this game, you can search for not only gems but also gold, precious stones, even diamonds. Combining stone not only helps you own many beautiful stones and gorgeous but also have the opportunity to receive a new gem. To get this precious gem, click on the cute box at the bottom of the screen, as gems will appear in front of you. Also, you will also find the rough diamonds around, try not to lose these precious opportunities offline.

Merge Gems! v4.0.0 (MOD Money) APK download for Android

Grow your collection

Being a huge collection of precious stones, gold and silver is one thing that everyone is interested in is not it? Then you turn the rocks that you have become a valuable collection as possible. However, to do this, there is no other way to merge them, as much as possible.

Merge Gems! v4.0.0 (MOD Money) APK download for Android

With the design of 3D graphics, Merge Gems! have created gorgeous gems and eye-catching, and that is one reason why so many people love this game. Also, sharp images and sound will give players the most exciting and engaging experience. If you also want to own a collection like that, they hesitate not to participate in the game to fulfil their wishes. Here is the link to the Merge Gems game.


1. Unlimited Currency (never decrease)
2. Unlocked All Cells

Merge Gems! v4.0.0 (MOD Money) APK download for Android

SIZE : 55M

GURGE : Logic

– 3.5.2 – MOD

– 4.0.0 – Original

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