Melon VPN v5.6.134 APK + MOD (Unlocked)

Today the internet is an essential thing in connecting people around the world. There are many different uses of the internet that you can never find out. But in it there are things like entertainment, finding information and support for many other things. Since World War II, the world is gradually opening up to each other for mutual development. And the internet is one of the products and tools of global integration. Nowadays, wherever you go, you can see the appearance of the internet, almost every country has these things. Also, because of the popularity and many internet users, it makes a lot of hackers want to steal user information. Many people have become victims of hackers, and it takes a lot of time and money to pay for their mistakes. Then the user needs to have an application to prevent that from happening. And the application that can support the player well is Melon VPN – an application that provides VPN services for users to use. This is an application that can ensure the safety of users when using the internet.

Melon VPN v5.6.134 APK + MOD (Unlocked)


To protect users’ mobile devices from hackers has never been an easy thing. Hackers will often be a person with a lot of knowledge about the internet to be able to steal user information. And you are just an amateur user; there is not too much knowledge about the internet to be able to prevent them. If users find out they will know to avoid hackers, you need to do a lot of complex pictures to do that. But with this application, everything is much simpler; users do not need to do too many complex pictures to activate the application. All that a user needs to do to get absolute security is a click away. Users only need to press once to launch the application and one more time to turn off the application. That’s what users need to do to be able to use the features of this application.

Hide IP address

When a person accesses the internet, they will be provided with an IP code for easy management. Each user gets an IP when they use the internet, and this is also the problem. Although the purpose of this is not bad, the hackers have taken advantage of this to steal user information. They track the user’s IP address to find the user’s device and install the virus into it. But with this app, users do not need to worry about that anymore because it will help users hide all the information. Including the IP address, so the hackers will not be able to track the user to steal information. Users do not need to worry about information theft when using this application.

Melon VPN v5.6.134 APK + MOD (Unlocked)

Geographic restrictions are now gone

Many people still think that the internet is a freedom that everyone can use to accomplish their goals. That’s true, but this freedom is limited, and there’s nothing users can do to break that limit. But with this app, everything is possible. This application is the best tool for users to do what they like freely. Users only need to transfer their location to another country, and you are free to explore all that they have. This gives users a lot but a great experience with things you can’t touch. If you are an adventurous person, then this app is something that users should try.

Various servers

This application has many servers in many countries around the world for players to choose from. Most countries in each region have servers set up for them to use. Countries like India, USA, Germany, and many other places allow users to explore freely. If users want to destroy countries in Europe, they can choose the United Kingdom or Germany to use, while in Asia, users can choose countries like India and Vietnam to experience what that Asia has. Users can explore the websites of most countries around the world and enjoy the benefits it offers.

Unlock applications

There are countless applications on the market today that users can not download; the reason is that it is not available in the country where you are. Many blockbuster games were born, but only in certain countries where the manufacturer allowed it to experience the game. But this app will help users download all those apps by transferring the user’s IP to the country allowed to use.


  • Paid Features Unlocked

Melon VPN v5.6.134 APK + MOD (Unlocked)

SIZE : 15M

GURGE : Tools

– 5.6.134 – VIP

– 5.6.122 – VIP

– 5.4.635 – VIP

– 5.3.533 – VIP

– 3.9.100 – VIP

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