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Mathmages v2.6.27 MOD APK (Weak Enemy/One Hit)

Mathmages is a JRPG with gameplay that focuses on turn-based attacks and blends math learning. In other words, players will both play the game and complete the math problems given by the game. At the same time, during the game, you also learn that your character will indeed have impressive abilities and supporting elements to help you overcome many challenges and enemies.

Mathmages v2.6.27 MOD APK (Weak Enemy/One Hit)


You will enter a world of Mathmages with bold JRPG elements that any player will love. It is a fantasy world called Tabu Ada where many powerful and magical entities coexist. But its peace did not last long when the enemies of Somarum appeared. From there, you will transform into a witch with the power to destroy these entities, and it is also a long journey that you can overcome.

Mathmages v2.6.27 MOD APK (Weak Enemy/One Hit)

You will control the character to explore what is in this game, and of course, one thing that you will need to pay attention to during the game is that the game has gameplay that focuses on turn-based combat elements. Therefore, it requires that players perform attacks effectively when combining the skills that the characters possess. Skills or support elements will be displayed as cards for users to observe and choose easily.

Mathmages v2.6.27 MOD APK (Weak Enemy/One Hit)


You will participate in battles against monsters found in Mathmages, and you will need to consider many different tactical factors to win the level. In addition, each character has an impressive skill to use, and you will need to learn. At the same time, when choosing any card, the player will see summary information along with a numeric keypad. It is also the interesting point that this game brings when players need to perform some operations to act.

Mathmages v2.6.27 MOD APK (Weak Enemy/One Hit)

In between the card and the numeric keypad, it’s a math problem that you already know its requirements for. Your job is to enter the corresponding result through the available numeric keypad. Seeing the results, you enter will be the key to whether or not your attack will perform. After the use is complete, you will see the damage done to the enemy and continue to observe the field to wait for your next turn.


In Mathmages, players will find many exciting elements but no challenges. It is a turn-based attack game, so sometimes, it’s not too random for you to be attacked and killed right after your turn. Therefore, it is correct to increase the strength of your character, and the supporting elements also need to be done correctly through the cards and potions that you own.

Mathmages v2.6.27 MOD APK (Weak Enemy/One Hit)

Like performing magic, you use potions to replenish the character’s blood and also need to do the math given by the game. At the same time, for your character to last long on the field, you will have to upgrade your characters, and they can cause significant damage to your enemies. Each character has its own magical characteristics for players to use, so you will have yourself a perfect squad to fight the enemy.


  • 1 Hit Kill
  • God Mode

Mathmages v2.6.27 MOD APK (Weak Enemy/One Hit)

SIZE : 67M

GURGE : Role Playing

– 2.6.27 – MOD

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