MasterGear v4.9.1 APK + MOD (Patched)

An emulator that is storming the gaming forums is attracting a lot of gamers to this emulator. As one of the most loved emulators, MasterGear – MasterSystem & GameGear Emulator is well received by many game supporters. With this launch, this emulator has brought gamers many special levels combined with many attractive features featured in this—the classic 8bit set in promises to be everyone’s favorite emulator.

MasterGear v4.9.1 APK + MOD (Patched)


The MasterGear emulator was born and developed by Garage Research Emulators to bring players great video games. Different from other emulator versions, this emulator has much more highlights and different classic 8bit consoles that allow players to use it more effectively. Currently, this emulator is available on Google Play, and players can play it for free right on their Android phone and tablet. With this version, players can experience the great things contained in this.

In addition, this emulator allows you to install many other and exciting games. This version adds lots of fun features, integrates with codes for dozens of popular games. Overall, this emulator is quite simple for players to access easily, and you can play and share it with your friends. In addition, you can use it in online and offline modes; you can even save game progress at any time. Coming to this emulator, players are free to enjoy the video games that you install and have fun with these screens.

MasterGear v4.9.1 APK + MOD (Patched) MasterGear v4.9.1 APK + MOD (Patched)


Overall, this emulator’s main package doesn’t contain any games, and you should put your own game files on the SD card before starting to run MastersGear. Besides the games you have installed, the game can also run Mark2,3, SG 1000, SC 3000, and other software. Although, of course, you can choose for yourself the right game and game mode, in each game, there will be difficulty levels that you need to squeeze your brain to complete.

Actually, this is just like other emulator titles. Overall this is an emulator that integrates many video games. However, players should not be too worried because of the levels that lead to making it difficult for them. Every game you run in this can be completed quickly if you are really serious. Multi-device supported, you can play with your friends, share with them, or can play online with other players.

MasterGear v4.9.1 APK + MOD (Patched)


In terms of graphics, MasterGear offers players beautiful interfaces and harmonious layouts. With sharp 3D graphics mechanism combined with many established images. Owning a perfect interface, players can optimize and customize the interface according to their own style. Furthermore, players should organize their favorite game items into one file to open to play more conveniently and save time.

With it, the unique feature is that it allows you to customize freely to help users customize their favorite style. In addition, background music is also an integral part of every game. With each game, you can set yourself the sounds you like best. This emulator allows players to record background music for MIDI files. Therefore, players can play and install as many things here as they want.


MasterGear has provided a range of useful features for all players. It allows players to use this emulator very simply, and players can customize many of the game’s content to make emulation more convenient. It can perform optimizations for Android devices and uses assembly language and hardware acceleration to run as fast as possible. In addition, players also get horizontal and vertical screen support for full modes with many special effects options.

The special thing is that this emulator allows players to share their current location in the game with their friends in the game via the state Exchange feature. Currently, the emulator also supports ARM-based GoogleTV devices such as LG G2 AND G3. Besides, the mentioned features such as support for Bluetooth gamepads, use special Xperia Play button for you to play more quickly and conveniently. Furthermore, with the NetPlay feature, players can completely play with other users on the local network or the Internet.

This emulator has attracted a lot of people to join. Even though it is an emulator, there are a lot of good sides to it. This will be an emulator that surely gamers who are familiar with emulator versions will be very interested in. Therefore, this emulator offers players many features, and players can link to many other emulators, allowing them to discover more exciting content.


– Disabled license verification.
– Made two new gamepad skins.
– I cleaned the resources and code.

MasterGear v4.9.1 APK + MOD (Patched)


GURGE : Arcade

– 4.9.1 – MOD

– 4.9 – MOD

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