Marvel Strike Force v5.7.0 MOD APK (TeamAR Gift)

Marvel Universe is a name that is no stranger to sci-fi movie lovers and even non-fans. So have you ever thought about having a force of famous characters in it? Now, that will ultimately become a reality with MARVEL Strike Force – Squad RPG, the super-cool action role-playing game. So join now to prove your skills and enjoy the best experience.

Marvel Strike Force v5.7.0 MOD APK (TeamAR Gift)


MARVEL Strike Force is an action role-playing game powered by Scopely. This is a beautiful action game for your smart device. You will have the opportunity to stand side by side with your close comrades and even sworn enemies to protect Earth’s survival. The attack broke out in our homeland, and this is when Super Heroes and Super-Villains temporarily join the same faction, working together to fight an evil force aiming to destroy the Earth.

The game is set in the Marvel Universe, which is already too popular with sci-fi movie lovers worldwide. Your mission in this game is to assemble your ultimate Marvel squad. Those are characters that possess their own superpowers and have their own characteristics and skills. All will form a unified team and share the same goal, the same enemy.

Marvel Strike Force v5.7.0 MOD APK (TeamAR Gift)


Now, in the Marvel Universe, the once peaceful Earth is threatened and surrounded by an evil and sinister force led by Ultimus. If not stopped in time, this Earth will be controlled by Ultimus, and no one knows what he will do next, but certainly, nothing good will happen. In that context, STRIKE’s special tools were promptly called to gather characters with extraordinary abilities – Super Heroes and Super-Villains – against the evil army.

ARVEL Strike Force allows you to collect famous characters from the superheroes of the Marvel Universe. From illustrious heroes like Spiderman to powerfully recorded villains like Venom… All will be in this game, and you can freely choose and collect any Super Heroes and Super-Villains you want. In addition, there are other common characters from other organizations such as SHIELD, The Hand, and Hydra.

Marvel Strike Force v5.7.0 MOD APK (TeamAR Gift)


There are many ways to collect famous characters in this game. Some characters will be delivered to you right away, and there are also some characters that you will obtain during gameplay, or you can get as a reward. When you get shards, those shards are used to unlock or promote your character. You can get these pieces by playing winning matches or buying them in the store. In addition, you will be able to level up or gain experience when completing the tasks assigned to you.

The intense battles in MARVEL Strike Force will be divided into several rounds, and the characters with the highest speed will go first. Each player can control an army, and such a team has a maximum of 5 characters. They will fight until complete victory, or defeat, or until reinforcements come in. Characters will use their own attributes and skills equipped to deal damage to opponents and defend their troops. Besides, you can also join alliances to form the main group of up to 24 people and in private or open mode.

Marvel Strike Force v5.7.0 MOD APK (TeamAR Gift)


A game with six main game modes will make you never bored. All modes are playable against computer-controlled AI, except for Real-Time Arena mode. This is where you will fight other players from all over the world.

Arena mode allows you to fight armies created by other players. You will fight 5v5 to compete for daily prizes. Raids is a mode where an alliance of up to 24 players must act together to fight to destroy all intersections. The other modes are equally attractive and exciting.

Marvel Strike Force v5.7.0 MOD APK (TeamAR Gift)

Some of the information above will help you understand more about the storming game on these forums. Come to MARVEL Strike Force to own the best Marvel characters. You will have the opportunity to lead Super Heroes and Super-Villains against the sinister forces to protect the Earth from the evil Ultimus. Enjoy hours of entertainment and fun with the beautiful Marvel Universe. Vivid, fantastic graphics and sound effects. You will meet and interact with players around the world, as well as chat with the community that loves Marvel.



Credits: Blackmod

Marvel Strike Force v5.7.0 MOD APK (TeamAR Gift)

SIZE : 116M

GURGE : Action, RPG

– 5.2.0 – MOD V1

– 5.4.0 – MOD V2

– 5.7.0 – Original

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