Magnum Kwgt v6.5 APK (Paid)

Magnum Kwgt is an application that contains all the utilities of Windows 11 to make your Android device beautiful. Do you feel your mobile screen is too boring and simple? Window 11 on your mobile screen, so unique and different that it will inspire and refresh you. Download the app to make your Android device truly memorable with your personality.

Magnum Kwgt v6.5 APK (Paid)


Magnum Kwgt owns 51 beautiful widgets with different designs for you to change to bring something new regularly. Includes 11 widgets of 30 windows, including dark variant and light variant, which will make your screen unique and luxurious. With Window 11-inspired layouts, you just need to try one, and your phone’s look and feel will take you to a whole new level, different from before.

Magnum Kwgt v6.5 APK (Paid)


There are essential and frequently used apps that you want to prioritize on your home screen. As soon as you open the home screen, you will immediately see Calendar, Weather, or whatever you set up for your home screen.


With just a few simple steps, you have a beautiful screen in no time. After downloading the app, long press on your home screen. Then select Widget and select KWGT Widget; now click on the installed application and start enjoying the beautiful widget set right away. You can try them all and choose the one you like best for your home screen. You can completely change to another widget whenever you want.

Magnum Kwgt v6.5 APK (Paid)


If your widget doesn’t have the right size for layout, you can go to options in KWGT settings to choose the best size.

Widget is an essential feature of Android. This feature makes your Android device stand out from other operating systems like IOS, etc. This feature allows you to customize the launcher, interface, layout of widgets, and icons.

Magnum Kwgt v6.5 APK (Paid)

The combination of Windows 11 and Android is a great combination that creates a luxurious, unique, and new look for your mobile phone. With Magnum Kwgt’s built-in widget library, make your boring phone come alive and beautiful. Sometimes this can give you a lot of motivation and vitality every time you turn on the screen.


Magnum Kwgt v6.5 APK (Paid)

SIZE : 74M

GURGE : Personalization

– 6.5 – Paid

– 6.4 – Paid

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