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Magisto Pro v6.19.1.20927 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

The video editing software that helps users create the most impressive videos has grown tremendously on many different platforms. Even each platform has its characteristics, as well as giving users many utilities and special uses that can give them the best user experience. However, for mobile platforms, there are countless video creator apps, but Magisto is still the most prominent, even now there are more than 120 million downloads worldwide. It is a versatile video creator and is also one of the most trusted by experts. Most of the most impressive videos can only be created on larger platforms, but this app can help users create the best videos, just like any other.

Magisto Pro v6.19.1.20927 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)


Magisto has countless reasons to be honored as one of the best video creators on mobile platforms, one of which is the user-friendly interface. The “Magisto” interface uses simple colors and has every feature perfectly arranged, giving users a lot of new user experiences compared to other video creators. Of course, users can also quickly access other features and expand the available feature list thanks to the menu list that can be expanded at any time. What’s even more interesting is that users can also personalize the interface of the application, like color changes, design layout, and more for the best user experience.

Magisto Pro v6.19.1.20927 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)


Most other video editors only allow users to edit a single video, but for Magisto it is different, because it can work with multiple videos at once, and for users to merge to create astonishing scenes. Not only that, but users will also be presented with a versatile and powerful editing toolset, with hundreds of advanced features to make each scene in the user’s video as impressive as possible. In that set of editing tools will have many features such as color changer, filters, lighting effects, and many presets with hundreds of different options. The possibilities of this application can be viewed as endless because it will continuously update new features and stimulate the user’s creativity to new heights.

Magisto Pro v6.19.1.20927 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)


The user videos must always have sound to impress viewers so that the application will have a vast library of effects, including visual and audio. Visual effects can be applied to all frames, and users can insert multiple effects at once to create new combinations. Interestingly, the user can also edit the visual effects, change its color, as well as how it displays to the viewer. Besides visual effects, there are also sound effects with hundreds of different variations for users. Of course, the application also has a free music library, allowing users to create music videos easily with this application.


If users want to change their video style, users can use special fonts and the available stylish text of the application. Each week, the app will continuously update new fonts, with many different color options for users to design for their videos. Not only stylish text, but users can also add stickers and emojis specially designed by the application. The stickers and emoji will come in many different shapes and styles and will make the user’s video more adorable than ever.

Magisto Pro v6.19.1.20927 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)


Most other video editors on mobile platforms only allow the user to work with one video directly. But with this application is different, when it offers the user many different tabs to work, thereby allowing users to work with more than two videos at once. Of course, users can also copy and paste their videos, and then overlap them to create a new style for their videos. With the application’s powerful toolset, joining and editing two videos at once will be simple; there are even many new things for users to explore and experience within this app.

Magisto Pro v6.19.1.20927 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)


Magisto is not only an editor, but it is also a community of users for people to share their videos with. Moreover, it is also an endless source of ideas for users, as they are designed and created by professionals or creative people. Through that community, users can share their work, comment on, and interact with other professionals to hone their editing experience.

Until now, Magisto is considered one of the most powerful video editors for mobile platforms, and is also trusted by more than 120 million other users. In the future, it will constantly update to add new features and offer a thriving user community. If you are looking for a powerful free video editing tool, “Magisto” will be the right choice, and will help you create share-worthy videos in no time.


Magisto Pro v6.19.1.20927 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

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