Madefire vv1.8.1 MOD APK (All Unlocked)

Use Madefire to read Comics and Motion Books at their sharpest, and experience one of the most nimble apps you can find.

Entertainment world today in addition to serving in the movies, comics games are also one of the market shares that are of much interest. Basically, stories are things that are thought to be the source of entertainment on television and movie theaters. Often with the movies, they want to see the character’s progress, fans go to comic books to see what the creator has created. Even though the details on the film will still have changes so that people cannot guess too much, but that also made the fans satisfied.

The next big thing in digital comics

Madefire Comics & Motion Books is a famous comic reading application and is trusted by many fans. Many publishers of accessible content such as USA Today, TIME, Wired, etc. have done good reviews for it. With Madefire, users will be able to access the most significant improvements of mobile and tablet app with its catalog of new digital comics and Motion Books. In this application, users will experience additional enhancements such as interactivity, sound, and motion. In general, these are all new creations for many people.

The main features

Madefire has been one of the highly readable comic reading applications; the most famous content is regularly updated. We can see the hottest stories at present are Batman, Superman, and the entire DC Universe, Hellboy, Star Trek, My Little Pony, and Transformers, … With top publishers like DC Comics, IDW, Dark Horse, Oni Press, Liquid, Valiant and Top Cow adding to the Print and Motion Book library, you can read until you don’t have any free time and stop. The content that it provides is endless with updates always the latest. Every Wednesday everything is updated, and you can immediately read them.

For online publishing stories, we will update as soon as possible, and the reader is completely served free. As for products released in print format, we also update all of them from top-tier publishers in our new Print Books storefront. Even quickly, it will be put on the shelf of the application on the same day compared to the official release date. But these works we have to buy with money so there will be separate fees that you have to pay to read them. Not only is the new and hot title currently being updated into our system but old legends are also present.

The effect that the application of Madefire attracts users. Because we can Soak In a whole new world with 360 panoramic views, music, sound effects and motion, these are the features used to control the pace at which the narrative lays out on-screen. In particular, one of our biggest partners, DeviantArt, will bring you one of the largest art communities in the world. Comics or the latest artwork are posted. You will be one of the best catchers; no one can be equal. The city is also friendly and offers a sense of fun when you are enjoying the arts.

Although the content is very diverse and vibrant, the story system of this application continues to grow and grow day by day. You can find different types of stories, such as horror, children’s stories, superheroes, and many other genres. No matter what you need, there is some content that suits your needs.


All content unlocked (free all)

Madefire vv1.8.1 MOD APK (All Unlocked)

SIZE : 13M

GURGE : Entertainment

– 1.8.1 build 50611906

– 1.8.0 build 31619660

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