Machinarium v2.5.6 APK + OBB

Machinarium begins with the story of a robot searching for his friend in a mechanical kingdom that is old and run down by a gang of kidnappers hiding here. Since then, the adventurous story has led the robot to many places, met many friends, and perhaps, along the way, you have been a true hero when helping people in need on the road. As a game with a long release time, it still attracts the majority of players; what’s great about it, let’s explore!

Machinarium v2.5.6 APK + OBB


When you download Machinarium, you will play as a robot named Josef, who is upset by his unfortunate girlfriend Berta being kidnapped by the sly gangster Black Cap Brotherhood. They take her on the run, and you’re on a quest to find your friend. Passing through many places with undulating terrain, strange architectural styles made of only steel and decaying metal. The oldness of this land creates a rather stuffy but no less new space for players.

Machinarium v2.5.6 APK + OBB


Initially, when you see the images that Machinarium provides, you will be scared by the character designs that will appear. But through the interaction process, you will gradually realize that the game creates an amicable character system; a few people you meet along the way will help you a lot. The entire space of the game will be just the context of where you come from and a few minor challenges for you to overcome. What are you waiting for, do not immediately participate in this exciting search and discovery!

Machinarium v2.5.6 APK + OBB


Machinarium will regularly update and make sure to return with exciting improvements, capturing player’ needs; the game is ready to refresh itself through new codes and timely additions of icons and modes. Boredom and repetition are impossible, innovate and create every day to receive the love and affection that players give us!

Machinarium v2.5.6 APK + OBB


The adventure in Machinarium is about to begin, transform into a faithful robot and join the journey to find your missing girlfriend, follow the kidnappers closely, and do not forget to explore the beautiful space that surrounds you. Be a part of your childhood with the game; I wish you and your friends victory in the exploration of the machine world! To create new levels with better improvements in the future, we need your reviews.


Machinarium v2.5.6 APK + OBB

SIZE : 240MB

GURGE : Adventure

– 2.5.6 – Paid

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