Ludo King v6.4.0.200 MOD APK (Always Six/Unlock Theme)

Ludo King (MOD, Always Six/Unlock Theme) is a board game with simple and entertaining content, suitable for playing at parties because of its party-game element.

At the present time when home games are very popular. Games like this killing time well, are highly competitive but still retain their inherent fun. People often call them board games. The genre developed fast and spawned a lot of games with diverse rules, beautiful forms. Ludo King is a game that can play quite old but still enjoyed by players now. This mobile version also adds many unique features that make it more and more new and trendy.

Ludo King v6.4.0.200 MOD APK (Always Six/Unlock Theme)

Familiar images on a mobile game

You may find that the images in this game are no longer too strange. If you are a subtle person, you can recognize it. This is another version of the game Parcheesi. The images in the game do not use the image of the horse but only the marked notes. They look like the markers used in Google Maps. The minimalism in icon design makes it easy to see and understand. In addition, the board is made simple with 4 colors blue red, green, and yellow. With this minimalist design, players realize where their pieces are. They also made it easier to identify the situation as well as plan for countries to follow.

Ludo King v6.4.0.200 MOD APK (Always Six/Unlock Theme)

Dividing the area and how the dice work

The figure also has four corners with four avatars representing the players participating in a match. The dice of the game will appear in a certain order on these avatars. The player’s turn then the dice will appear on that person’s Avatar. Thanks to this, they will never forget their turn. The scroll effect is also quite smooth. Although the game is presented on a 2D graphics platform it still does not make players feel bored.

Ludo King v6.4.0.200 MOD APK (Always Six/Unlock Theme)

Ludo is a simplified version of Parcheesi so its rules are quite simple. You will control a team of four pieces shown through four of the same color. Each time it’s your turn to use your dice. The number of points on the excellent side will show the number of steps you can take forward. The chessboard will be designed in a circle shape, which means you will have to go exactly one round and return to the starting point. Once you have arrived home, you can enter the house and count as a destination. The task of the player is to bring his four pieces home early. The order will be in turn from the fastest to the slowest.

Ludo King v6.4.0.200 MOD APK (Always Six/Unlock Theme)

Ludo King has up to 4 game modes for you to enjoy

First players can participate in a match against the computer. These matches are quite easy because your opponent is pre-programmed with a fairly low level. In general, you should only play with your child since you are lying down and do not have enough friends to participate in the match. This mode can be used to play offline so you can take your device anywhere and still be able to play games so you don’t get bored. Another mode is Online Multiplayer. You when players log into this mode will have to confront many other players around the world. They will connect to each other via the internet and together experience a fun match.

Ludo King v6.4.0.200 MOD APK (Always Six/Unlock Theme)

There are two modes that allow you to play with your friends: Local Player, and Play With Friends. With Local Player, players will be allowed to join the match with those who are using the same wi-fi network. Play With Friends mode, players can invite their friends into the same room and start a match. Make sure you have enough four players to perform this mode. In addition to these attractive game modes, you can also customize the board with different types of themes. Nature, Egypt, Disco / Night mode, … Will be constantly updated to increase your experience.

Ludo King v6.4.0.200 MOD APK (Always Six/Unlock Theme)

The in-game chat and communication system is extremely fun

Throughout the game, you will need to express your feelings. In an interesting game like this, using emojis is best to show that you’re having fun. But sometimes, with a competitive game like this, a few challenges will make the game much more interesting. Just click on your avatar, a dialog box will appear. Just click on it and your chat will be displayed in the bubble. In case you are the winner of a challenge, the feeling will be extremely happy.


1. Mod Menu
2. Always Six (Only work in OFFLINE with Mode Classic Only)
3. Always Two (Only work in OFFLINE with Mode Classic Only)
4. Unlock Theme (Visual)

Modded by Mika Cybertron

Ludo King v6.4.0.200 MOD APK (Always Six/Unlock Theme)

SIZE : 53M

GURGE : Board

– – No Ads

– – MOD

– – Original

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