Love Star – SMS Choices Story v1.64 MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)

In the entertainment market, with games on the phone, there are many exciting types of entertainment. In countless genres, the simulation game genre is currently trendy. The role-playing simulation games always bring players to a whole new and exciting world. And of course, many people will have various preferences; some people like to play adventure games, dramatic action, fighting magic or something like that. But there will also be people who like simplicity, reality, and realism when participating in the game. And if you are someone who likes such simplicity, then Love Star – Choices Story Game is for you. Are you ready for a new experience with in-game stories, a game with unique and exciting gameplay? You will indeed be immersed in the world that the game brings.

Love Star - SMS Choices Story v1.64 MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)


Love Star gives you the feeling of being part of a game, a game with the Visual novel genre’s attributes, simulating life, a world with things happening around you- and you are the main character in the story. Real-life has stuff you do not know before, and in this game world, too, surprises will come to you. Please choose for yourself the solutions and write your own story in this game.


Love Star will be a text adventure, and it creates a unique love story with your choices, each with different options that will lead you to completely different results. This game gives you many visual stories where you are a part of, which plays a key role in creating the knots and leading the story not to predict the outcome.

Love Star - SMS Choices Story v1.64 MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)

The game elements, such as mystery, suspense, drama in conflict, friendship or love, fame, celebrity, combine to create an attractive and attractive storyline that leads everyone to the journey. When you select a story and start experimenting with it, you will meet the story’s characters, chat interactively and participate in activities within the story. And, of course, it all is up to you. More specifically, you will be asked questions, specific situations, and the game will ask you to make a choice. You will choose from among the choices; the storyline will continue to flow according to your choice. You see pretty interesting gameplay; you won’t know what to expect after each choice. So based on your own senses, judgment, and reason, you will easily make the right choices.

Love Star - SMS Choices Story v1.64 MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)


Love Star’s developer takes you on a long journey that focuses on one story and delves deeply into every aspect of the story. So your story will have an omnidirectional and in-depth perspective. You will encounter situations like the reality in the game. In this world, you’ll have yourself a social network to use. This social network is called “Instagrum,” which is similar to Instagram in real life. It is essential to choose adorable pictures to post on the «Instagrum.» It attracts everyone to you, giving you an impression on the characters’ hearts. Most love stories have secrets and so are in the love story world of this game. Appreciate the high-end options in an exciting love story and uncover its secrets.

Love Star - SMS Choices Story v1.64 MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)

With this game, you will have an exciting messaging and chatting experience with the game characters. Each story is engaging and interesting; the story is creative and well thought. The details and characters in the story are carefully developed. You can customize and customize your personal page to meet friends, colleagues, or maybe love. A world of romantic love is opened to you in this game. You will choose your own adventure path through this amazing text game: new characters, a variety of choices, and beautiful photos on your personal page. Create yourself an interesting chat right now with this game. You will surely be immediately fascinated by the fascinating love story that the game offers.


If you are looking for a simulation game with real-life situations, an interesting chat game, our Love Star is a great choice. The game will bring you a dating simulation game, a visual novel, the things that life has gathered in this game. Start experimenting with this game for yourself to have a more mature new experience of love and life. Download the game now to your phone to join the road to build friendship, love, and explore a fascinating life.



  • Unlimited Stars

(spend as you want even don’t have enough)

Love Star – SMS Choices Story v1.64 MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)

SIZE : 91M

GURGE : Simulation

– 1.64 – MOD

– 1.20 – MOD

– 1.16 – MOD

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