Love Classes – Romance Stories v1.1 MOD APK (Pree Premium Choices) Download

As a girl, everyone will like romance in love, right? Love Classes – Romance Stories will bring you fascinating school love stories with great emotions. You will make your choice and decide your love destiny with attractive partners. The game will update many new chapters every day for players to explore and have authentic experiences. Also, this is a love school simulation game just for teenagers.


The game’s graphics have been updated with a more realistic and vivid image, and many new characters have been added so that players can explore the romantic stories in it. In addition, the game’s plot and scenario have also been refreshed with more unique and impressive details for players to experience and have more love experiences with their partners. The game store is replenished with a wide variety of games so that players can stay entertained within the game. Download Love Classes – Romance Stories to your phone now to wake up to passionate love stories of school age.

Love Classes - Romance Stories v1.1 MOD APK (Pree Premium Choices) Download Love Classes - Romance Stories v1.1 MOD APK (Pree Premium Choices) Download


This is a new interactive game with romantic love stories in the classroom, where you will decide to start a love story with your partner. Coming to Love Classes – Romance Stories, you will discover many chapters with many different stories and will be connected with many mysterious and charming boys or characters.

Your choices will determine the success or failure of your flirting. If successful, you will be attached to your favorite character with a highly romantic story and immersed in his burning love. You have to play many chapters in the game to interact, get to know your partner thoroughly, and move towards your true love.


In Love Classes – Romance Stories, you will learn exciting lessons to have a beautiful love, such as flirt with your boyfriend, talk to attract them, and date your lover. Besides, you will be able to participate in romantic dates with unique love stories and break the dating rules to reach the climax of emotions in love.

Love Classes - Romance Stories v1.1 MOD APK (Pree Premium Choices) Download


You will meet many different handsome characters, and those characters all have their own strengths and weaknesses that make it difficult for you to choose. However, you still have to decide and start learning about them to move into a new relationship. In addition, your characters will not always appear, but they will remain anonymous for you to chat and get to know slowly and then make your choice.

In particular, there will be special cases in the game, such as forcing you to blindfold and talk to the partner character; that character can be male or female depending on the game’s plot. So you will have to speculate and accept your choice.


You will have to find ways to seduce the characters and get their love to be immersed in the romance of love. In Love Classes – Romance Stories, you will meet many different characters; they can be strangers, your fans, or your friends. Use your magic to attract characters and make their hearts flutter.


Love Classes – Romance Stories v1.1 MOD APK (Pree Premium Choices) Download

SIZE : 150M

GURGE : Simulation

apk installer
– 1.1 – MOD

apk installer
– 1.1 – Original

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