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Lithium Pro: EPUB Reader v0.24.1 APK + MOD (Unlocked) Download

Reading is a daily activity that is loved by many people. Although, at present, it is not in the same position as before. People like to use their smartphones more. However, there is also a solution that combines these two types of entertainment. You can read books right on your smartphone with PDF files. The fact also shows, more and more people love this way of reading.

Lithium Pro: EPUB Reader v0.24.1 APK + MOD (Unlocked) Download

However, it raises the problem of choosing which application to read these pdf files to suit yourself. Because of this blossoming trend, many publishers have also launched their own PDF Reader. FaultException also does not delay this race, Lithium: EPUB Reader will bring users the best experience that a PDF Reader application can bring.

Easy-to-see layout, for all ages

Reading is a familiar job for everyone. A successful PDF Reader application is sure to give readers a certain comfort. Lithium organizes things scientifically, making them very easy to follow. All the text you are reading will be displayed right in the middle of the screen. The font size is also large from the start, so tech-savvy elders can immediately enjoy the work they have just downloaded.

Lithium Pro: EPUB Reader v0.24.1 APK + MOD (Unlocked) Download

You can adjust a lot of things

Basically, when you download the application and import the PDF file, you can freely read the book. However, some people are a bit more difficult when there is something that makes them uncomfortable. At this time, they can still customize them to suit themselves for easier reading. First, you can change between the 3 pre-prepared themes. If you feel boring, you can customize a few more to change the taste.

Lithium Pro: EPUB Reader v0.24.1 APK + MOD (Unlocked) Download

The books automatically load in applications

This is almost a new standard for applications like this. Lithium: EPUB Reader is no exception when it comes to the benefits of its users. You need to roam the internet and find yourself a book that suits your interests. Then try to download it to your device. After you launch the app, the book will automatically load into the app. No matter where you store the book’s PDF file on your phone’s memory, it can still be found. In fact, if you save it in a certain place, it will find it out faster.

Lithium Pro: EPUB Reader v0.24.1 APK + MOD (Unlocked) Download

The benefits when you are reading

Those who often read books will easily find the quotes from the works they are reading. If you are reading a paper book, you can immediately grab a maker to highlight. But on mobile devices, this is not possible. “Lithium: EPUB Reader” is still possible when you need to highlight the text and highlight it.

Besides, if you are used to reading books on the Browser platform, you can leave the scrolling mode. This mode allows you to read faster, feel coherent, without being interrupted between pages. However, if you want to find out about the feeling of reading a paper book, you can still customize it. The pages mode gives you the feeling of turning each page. Really with this app, you can maximize your emotions while reading.


Lithium Pro: EPUB Reader v0.24.1 APK + MOD (Unlocked) Download

SIZE : 7,1M

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– 0.24.1 – Pro

– 0.24.0 – Pro

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