Linebit – Icon Pack v1.6.5 APK (Patcher)

Do you feel that the interface of the phone you are using is too boring and nothing stands out? And for that reason, we get bored with our mobile devices sometimes. Thanks to that, the application Linebit – Icon Pack was born to support users to personalize the default interface of Android devices. The app offers a rich collection of flat icons to make your desktop look more eye-catching. Besides, it also comes with help documents and frequently asked questions, also known as FAQ, to help new users use the program’s features more conveniently. In addition, there will be many other interesting features that the application promises to bring users to experience.

Linebit - Icon Pack v1.6.5 APK (Patcher)

A huge archive of icons

So the first thing we should keep in mind when downloading this application will be what? That’s right, right from the very nature of the application it says that. According to the introduction of the launchers of Linebit – Icon Pack, this is really an application that contains a diverse set of icons. And that will always be the strong pride of the manufacturer when his “pet” now owns a huge icon collection. Surely after hearing about the vast icon archive of this application up to more than 3800 types, you will surely be surprised, right? You hear right, the number of 3800+ especially rich flat icons also gives me a very good parameter. Each icon is given to the user by the application it has an extremely high full HD resolution up to 192 x 192 pixels. Therefore, when coming to this application, users will not need to worry about the diversity it gives users.

The beautiful Wallpaper will appear

In addition, an extremely special thing when users will experience when coming to “Linebit – Icon Pack” will certainly be the wallpaper sets. Because really if users need to replace icons, then surely wanting to have an interesting wallpaper set to experience will be extremely great. To meet this demand of players, the application quickly got its latest updates to be able to supplement itself with beautiful wallpapers. Now, the app’s wallpaper archive has grown to 42 sets. Therefore, users will be free to customize, choose the wallpaper sets that match the number of icons you have found in the icons section. Surely when you combine them, you will get an extremely wonderful experience.

Linebit - Icon Pack v1.6.5 APK (Patcher)

Compatibility with mobile devices is extremely high

Besides, one thing worth keeping in mind when coming to this application will definitely be its compatibility with mobile devices. The question that users get the most from before installing this app is: “Can this app be suitable for my phone?”. And the answer to these questions will definitely be “Yes”. The application developers have worked extremely closely with the technical department to be able to give users the best version for the devices you are using. Whether you are using a device from a company like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, HTC, …, as long as your device is running Android 4.1 or above, all will be compatible.

Linebit - Icon Pack v1.6.5 APK (Patcher)

Many other interesting features are also integrated into this application

Moreover, in addition to the main features brought to the user, this application will also add other interesting features. The first feature that caught the attention of users here is definitely the dynamic calendar. Surely everyone wants to have for themselves a great calendar for mobile devices, right? And more specifically, this is an interesting feature to integrate into an application.

Besides, Linebit – Icon Pack will also support users with many different launch programs right in the application. And more than that, this application also has 16 utilities for KWGT. At the same time, there will be 4 lock screens for KLCK. And one thing for sure that the application commits to users is that they will regularly receive newer updates to be able to upgrade, add icons, and wallpaper. Owning yourself the application “Linebit – Icon Pack” in the mobile devices will definitely be a great advantage for you. Now, your phone will become much more interesting thanks to a huge icon warehouse and special wallpaper sets. Then what are you waiting for without installing this app right away!


Linebit – Icon Pack v1.6.5 APK (Patcher)

SIZE : 57M

GURGE : Personalization

– 1.6.5 – Patcher

– 1.6.4 – Patcher

– 1.6.3 – Patcher

– 1.6.1 – Patcher

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