LIMBO v1.20 b116 APK + MOD (Full Paid Version)

LIMBO (MOD, Full Paid Version) will stimulate players’ experience with the adventure genre thanks to its gloomy and well-developed environmental puzzles throughout the gameplay.

LIMBO is a 2D side-scrolling game with thrilling adventure and puzzle content. In this game, you will control an unknown boy to overcome thousands of dangerous challenges as he carries out his main mission: finding his sister. Many pitfalls surround his adventure, and he possibly will encounter death. Smartly come up with possible solutions and overcome the thousands of challenges we offer. Bravely face the most significant dangers, solve puzzles, and complete missions successfully.

LIMBO v1.20 b116 APK + MOD (Full Paid Version)


Control a boy. More specifically, you will play the role of an unnamed boy on the road to find his loved ones. Limbo, with a simple design, accompanied by terrible horror, overcome thousands of obstacles and even face death. To be able to do the challenges, you are the one who can go left or right, or climb, jump over high barriers. Players can even swing ropes when passing through high flames, pushing barriers to prevent dangerous animals.

LIMBO v1.20 b116 APK + MOD (Full Paid Version)


Limbo’s main design is a black and white tone, which darkens the atmosphere and adds drama. Going on an adventure without knowing where danger is lurking, you have to be careful at all times. The game is presented through gray tones, combined with it is a simple sound, but the thrill will not overwhelm it. You will be caught up in the drama and heart-pounding when facing the challenges of survival. The perfect combination of images and sounds creates a strange and thrilling game.

Not too surprised with what the game creates, the dark – gloomy image creates a demonic atmosphere. It hides many dangers, and at the same time, it is also the greatest danger. You never know behind the curtain of that night are deadly dangers. The mystery of the environment, all the dangers lurking in the dark. The only thing that glows is the thoughts in his head, which guide you to the answers of the truth.

LIMBO v1.20 b116 APK + MOD (Full Paid Version)


To be able to find the truth, find your loved ones, you have to try a lot and experience life and death in Limbo. Among the dangers you face are glowing worms that spur your courage and force you to follow only one path. Players overcome biological challenges in the forest, monsters lurking in the dark. At the same time, you also need to overcome artificial traps, hundreds of electromagnets, and fishing hooks deep in the dark. Those traps will not work, not dangerous to you only if they are activated randomly.

LIMBO v1.20 b116 APK + MOD (Full Paid Version)


The danger is always lurking for you. Traps will be activated randomly and can kill you. Players can do general checks and launch items at the checkpoint where you last put your foot. There will be no limit in the dangers; to overcome the challenges quickly, you need to use your wits and guess where the dangers lie. Some large traps can kill a wild bear, and be careful not to get ripped off.

LIMBO v1.20 b116 APK + MOD (Full Paid Version)


Nothing is easy for you; through many challenges, you may also be in danger. You will even die while doing challenges to complete the game, which is test deaths, and you can die multiple times. Many horror images with disgusting gore, have you witnessed other people beheading or beheaded yourself? Limbo’s achievement is calculated according to the number of people alive after each challenge; if less than five people die, you win.


LIMBO v1.20 b116 APK + MOD (Full Paid Version)

SIZE : 105MB

GURGE : Logic

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– 1.20 b116 – PAID

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– 1.20 b111 – PAID

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