Let Them Come (MOD money) v1.0.51 APK free download for Android

Versus Evil is a mobile game publisher, all the products they create have profound humanity. The Banner Saga has succeeded beyond imagination and brought Versus Evil to a new level. Recently, they have introduced to us Let Them Come – a shooting game extremely great with the theme is aliens. Today, it is not difficult to find good shooting game and beautiful graphics. Typically, Gameloft products like N.O.V.A. Legacy, Modern Combat Versus … However, the common point of these games is that there is not a deep enough story, especially the ask the players for money with support items. This is the price paid for a beautiful graphics shooter. But if you have time, come to Let Them Come, a shooting game against aliens with simple 8bit graphics but extremely attractive.

Let Them Come (MOD money) v1.0.51 APK free download for Android

Content is interesting and deep

In 2030, the world is being invaded by aliens. The whole world is on the brink of extinction because of their invasion. At this time, Infini Corp was founded, they recruited the best gunmen to fight the evil monsters together. You will play the role of a mercenary named Rock Guner and be put on a spaceship. Can you guess what happens right? You will have to fight a lot of alien monsters in front of you. Rescue the Earth from an invasion of the century. How can you exist when face to face the monsters? Shoot, shoot and shoot are what you need to do. Don’t be scared, take all the bravery, take the machine gun and destroy them.

Let Them Come (MOD money) v1.0.51 APK free download for Android

Shoot, shoot and shoot!

Let Them Come’s gameplay is simple, you only need to control the direction of the bullets, and avoid the attacks of the ugly monsters. Don’t forget that upgrading weapons is essential. Use the money you earn after each level to improve your weapons, buy modern armours, buy powerful machine guns and even bombs with great power. There are two main play modes: single and online. With the first way, the player will have to do a task sequence until completed. This is also the simplest mode of play. If you die, you will have to play that level from the beginning. Online mode allows you to compete with other players in the world. Together they destroy the evil monsters and bring peace to humanity.

Let Them Come (MOD money) v1.0.51 APK free download for Android

Classic 8-bit graphics

Regarding graphics, Versus Evil gives the user a unique experience of wearing a unique shirt for Let Them Come. That is the 8-bit graphics platform. It sounds old, it does not look modern, but look at what the game brings us. If Let Them Come has a 3D graphics, it isn’t different from other shooter games that are already on the market today. The publisher has also announced that they will not catch up with developing top-notch games. Instead, they will have their style. That is to make the game having depth, going against the era. And the most recent example is the Like A Boss. We uploaded this game last month and found that a lot of people are interested in this new game.

Let Them Come (MOD money) v1.0.51 APK free download for Android

Sum up

In general, Let Them Come APK is not a standout game, but what it does for the player is laughter, which is the joy of completing the most difficult task. That is what few games do. Now, take the gun up and rescue the Earth.


Let Them Come (MOD money) v1.0.51 APK free download for Android


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