Last Shelter: Survival v1.250.221 APK + OBB (MOD Full)

Last Shelter: Survival APK takes you on a mission to save the world from a zombie apocalypse with creepy scenes of the imaging future.

Throughout history, people have experienced countless battles. Humans fight with nature, fight with other creatures, and fight with their own kind. But do you think the last battle of humanity will be a war with power or not? A theory that often arises about the future of humanity – Zombies. This once-human creature has always been an obsession in the stories of the day of the extinction of the earth. And in order to reproduce that bloody battlefield, IM30 TECHNOLOGY LIMITED has launched its highly acclaimed game, Last Shelter: Survival.

Last Shelter: Survival v1.250.221 APK + OBB (MOD Full)


Apocalypse has come, everywhere around the world are covered by the wave of Zombies are increasingly widespread. Many cities were destroyed, and many survived the accident surrounded by abject living corpses. All rely on you – the leader of a small settlement area. Fight or die. You can only choose a path to lead your last survivors through these grueling and dangerous endings.

Last Shelter: Survival v1.250.221 APK + OBB (MOD Full)

Have you seen the movie World War Z?

Step into the world of the Last Shelter: Survival and becoming a leader, it’s time to show your talented genius to be able to take the survivors beyond the dark moment to be able to to the new era of humanity. You will be fighting in real time along with many other players around the world. Build a coalition or become an enemy, looting resources from the enemy? In this big fish, you have no choice if you are not really strong. So how do you become strong? You have a lot of tasks to accomplish in order to achieve the goal.

Last Shelter: Survival v1.250.221 APK + OBB (MOD Full)

First, you need to build your own city. You will be given some initial resources to build your own city and army. The factory supplies water, food source, housing for people, … are indispensable things. Also, the factories producing machines, weapons or materials and fortresses to protect the city are also very important. Do not stop looking for resources to upgrade them, you will get an invincible fortress. In addition to building facilities, you need to train your own elite troops. Equipped with brave heroic survivors, armed with state-of-the-art weapons and vehicles, battle tanks, and so on, you’re all set to fight dangerous battles.

Last Shelter: Survival v1.250.221 APK + OBB (MOD Full)

The map of your area and the whole world is encapsulated in the system, extremely easy to help you come up with actionable strategies. Fight against the waves of zombies besieging your city and if you are strong enough, you can send out fighting squads to other lands to collect supplies and destroy a few more. Other zombies. Pay attention to the tasks that you must complete; they will help you get many rewards such as money, construction materials, food for the people, …

Last Shelter: Survival v1.250.221 APK + OBB (MOD Full)


The game has 3D graphics quite vivid and beautiful. Colors and scenery are designed in the game for people to feel the real life in the darkest of history, as the zombies raging everywhere and life is becoming more severe. World maps, as well as the base and heroes, are all designed to provide the most realistic and realistic feel possible. Last Shelter: Survival is. The otherwise great game that you can experience. With compelling content and plenty of space for you to develop the plot, you will quickly become familiar with it. However, the game will not be for young children because of its rather violent content. Download and enjoy the game right away!


Last Shelter: Survival v1.250.221 APK + OBB (MOD Full)

SIZE : 370M

GURGE : Action

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– 1.250.221 – Original

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