Lanota v2.7.0 MOD APK + OBB (Full Unlocked)

Which title of the music is most impressive to you? Perhaps the answer will most likely be Piano Tab because the game owns a considerable number of music tracks that you can freely choose. Their tempo will also get faster, so you do not have to worry that playing forever will be boring. But perhaps for some players, the black and white keys are too simple and boring in terms of images, when turned around, there are only two black and white as the mainstream.

Perhaps they expect more in terms of visuals and gameplay instead of just continually tabbing on the black notes on the phone screen. And if you want a game that can both listen to good music and have a unique visual experience, you probably don’t need to wait, because Noxy Games Inc. has launched their first game – called Latona. It has been much appreciated by people who have been experiencing! So what made the players so excited? And as well as for you to get the right answer, as well as get a most objective look, the following will be the comments given by players who have been and experienced.

Beautifully designed, vivid music

It can be affirmed that “Latona” is a harder version and also more eye-catching than Piano Tab because you will not need to tab those black keys anymore. Instead, it’s a rather old-looking device, a circle, and you will have to try to touch or pull the sounds being shot from the center of the circle. It is really not easy for players to get acquainted right away, but it is also the factor that makes players feel excited to experience. Another plus point is the sound effect when what we hear is more than just a piano. It is an orchestra, the music from classics to the modern is extremely excellent harmony when not only the melodious keys but sometimes also majestic and passionate atmosphere. Along with that is a round disc – “musical instrument” in the game is designed with exquisite sophistication with the colors blended perfectly. Combined with the actions you perform, you will feel like you are dancing with the frets. You are both a dancer and a musician with your work. Comes with a simple storyline with adorable Asian characters, sure to make you satisfied.

What about the defects? Yes or no?

Indeed, even though the game is highly rated, the limited number of songs, and will only be brought back by spending real money to buy makes many players feel depressed. Admittedly, with the remixes, it is worth the money to buy – but not all are good (if considered on the original). If you buy the wrong song that you don’t like, it will make you even more upset. Moreover, those who are used to wifi 24/24, even during gaming will have a lot of problems, when “Latona” is said to have a relatively dense number of ads. Most of them cannot skip; it also took a lot of time waiting for the ad to end.

Deserve to be one of the best music games

Anyway, with a debut game – indeed “Latona” is an excellent game for you and your friends to experience and relax. Quality mixes, unique playing styles on an instrument that looks like a “fork” will be a great attraction, and with increasing levels will also help you in practice fingers and reflexes. Although there are many errors that cause some players to be upset, as mentioned, it is only the first game title of Noxy Games Inc. You can expect more of the new updates or beyond are completely new titles from this publisher.

The game has a score of 4.6 / 5 on the Android operating system, which is enough to show that the game is really unimaginable, but that it is a creative and committed investment. And if you need a game that can help you relax with elaborate harmonies and orchestras, you want a game that is not as boring as Piano Tab, then “Latona” is definitely the choice can be more reasonable for you. The game was released on both Android and iOS operating systems, along with not requiring too much on the phone version, so searching for experience will be extremely easy. Along with winning many awards, the game certainly will not make music lovers feel disappointed.


  • All Paid Chapters Unlocked
  • Full Game Unlocked
  • No ADS

Lanota v2.7.0 MOD APK + OBB (Full Unlocked)

SIZE : 800M

GURGE : Music

apk installer
– 2.6.4 – MOD

apk installer
– 2.6.1 – MOD

– 2.6.4 – Original

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