King’s Blood: The Defense v1.3.1 MOD APK (Free Shopping/Immortal)

King’s Blood: The Defense (MOD, Free Shopping) is an unpredictable strategy game with strange stories. Use your thinking ability and destroy the evil monsters.

Tower defence is an easy-to-understand and the easy-to-understand genre that is loved by many people. Basically, players do not need to use too much effort to still master the situation. All they need to do is devise an effective strategy. Often such games revolve around a few simple auto-combat mechanisms. Players lay out units, and it helps you protect the stronghold. However, King’s Blood: The Defense applies a lot of new mechanisms, making your position in a game more important. Being more active means that it takes more effort to think, and the tactics must also be more customizable and more complex.

King's Blood: The Defense v1.3.1 MOD APK (Free Shopping/Immortal)

The game takes place both familiar and strange

If you play many previous games, you can easily guess, “King’s Blood: The Defense” uses familiar images of the Middle Ages. This time itself was extraordinary with strange stories. You will see the story of knights, heroes, monsters, witches, … However, this game does not focus too intensely on the diverse and magical elements of the power categories. Players will play the knight and have the outstanding tactical ability. All the troops that the king can provide, you can control it.

King's Blood: The Defense v1.3.1 MOD APK (Free Shopping/Immortal)
The opponent of the whole kingdom is the skeleton invaders. They are not as weak as people imagine. On the contrary, the armies are unusually strong. In fact, they are like real armies, coming from the kingdom of the dead. The ultimate plan is definitely to devour the human world and make it whole wither.

Complex combat mechanism

King’s Blood has laws, unlike the popular TD games. It applies the same mechanism of action as an auto-battlers game. As a general, the player will be assisted by four unique heroes of King’s Blood. Each of these people will have unique skills to help you in urgent cases. Their influence will make the battle have positive changes based on the way you use them.
On how to deploy power, these two mechanisms will make the game complicated. First, you will be allowed to summon different types of troops into your battle. These types of powers allow players to create different kinds of tactics, depending on the number and time of the battle. Infantry is soldiers with great stamina, fast battles, and consumes the least resources. Calvary is a cavalry army with great attack power but consumes a lot of money.

King's Blood: The Defense v1.3.1 MOD APK (Free Shopping/Immortal)

Make the most of your tactics

There are also a few powerful soldiers such as catapult, spearman, archer, … The second mechanism will allow you to control the position of the units that you summon. Their avatars will display on the bottom of the screen. Every time you want to change the battle position of the units you summon, you can click on the avatar and drag them to the line that you want them to fight. Finally, another small feature is that the spells also contribute greatly to a battle. You can increase your team’s armor, HP, and even attack power with just one spell. Everything you can summon into a team fight must consume Enchanted Bloodstones. Every victory is an opportunity for you to hoard this gem.


  • Unlimited Bloodstones (use them even don’t have enough)

King’s Blood: The Defense v1.3.1 MOD APK (Free Shopping/Immortal)

SIZE : 80M

GURGE : Strategy

– 1.3.1 – MOD

– 1.2.9 – MOD

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