Kate Mobile for VK v79 APK + MOD (Many Features)

One of the most used social networks in Europe, VK is now available on your phone when you use Kate Mobile for VK. This application provides essential functions that you can do on a social network. In addition, it also supports multiple media and categorizes them depending on the user’s entertainment needs. Indeed the newly updated function will also completely meet their communication process.

Kate Mobile for VK v79 APK + MOD (Many Features) Kate Mobile for VK v79 APK + MOD (Many Features)


When you use Kate Mobile for VK to connect with friends and are using a social network, you will surely not be able to ignore the useful messaging features of this application. Like Facebook, your friends can text or receive your messages completely quickly and conveniently if they also use VK social network. At the same time, in addition to traditional messaging, a new messaging method has also been added.

You won’t be texting by simply entering information; you can use your recorded voice and send it to your friends. It is undoubtedly convenient because not every user will be free to join the information. In addition, depending on the nature of the story, users can communicate their content more conveniently as if they were chatting with their friends. So it’s an updated feature that anyone will love.


Already a social network, surely you will not be able to ignore the content posted by your friends. Specifically, you will be able to see the photos your friends update easily and interact with your friends. You can express your feelings or comment on the content in the picture. Although this operation is straightforward, it is addictive for users because many interesting elements are continuously updated.

Kate Mobile for VK v79 APK + MOD (Many Features) Kate Mobile for VK v79 APK + MOD (Many Features) Kate Mobile for VK v79 APK + MOD (Many Features)

When you use this app to update your friends’ new photos, you won’t be able to stop surfing with Kate Mobile for VK. It will form a list, and most of them are different in terms of genre. So, a list of interesting information will appear before your eyes, and out of habit, you will keep scrolling until you get bored or do something else. It can be viewed as a purely entertaining hobby for social network users.


Besides the images that you can see, the media is certainly something you will surely not be able to ignore in this application. You can find music that is loved by many players and has a high frequency of listening on this social network. From there, you’ll find different genres and add them to your playlist. Once you have experienced the songs, do not forget to find videos shared on Kate Mobile for VK’s platform.

You can find these vehicles completely easily because they are divided into different tabs for easy searching. Specifically, there will be tabs like friends, music, videos, and more so you can find what you like. So you can watch various media to entertain and change your mood. Indeed, you can find it interesting to use this application for constant access to the VK social network if necessary.


1. Languages: EN / RU / UK.
2. Removed advertising in the news.
3. Removed ads from audio recordings and disabled the restriction on listening to music.
4. Added cache audio (thanks to Fellin).
5. Music without “Google Play Services”
6. Removed metric and debug information.
7. Removed notifications about offline and “adding status to the wall”.
8. Added “No Root” method.
9. The signature has been changed.

Kate Mobile for VK v79 APK + MOD (Many Features)

SIZE : 4.9M

GURGE : Social

– 79 – MOD

– 77.2 – MOD

– 77.1 lite – MOD

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