JustFall.LOL v1.150 MOD APK (Super Jump/Fly)

JustFall.LOL – Multiplayer Online Game of Penguins will give you moments of incredible entertainment with the penguins. Coming to this game, you will come to a race with the familiar battle royale style. Now you’ll be able to compete against thousands of other online players at the same time, and you’ll need to be the last one standing to win. A lot of exciting challenges are waiting for you to overcome.

JustFall.LOL v1.150 MOD APK (Super Jump/Fly)


True to the manufacturer’s initial introduction, this is a game of the traditional battle royale genre. And the rules of the games of this genre are also entirely understandable: the last person standing on the ring will be the winner. The rules of the game are very simple and easy to understand, but the way to play is entirely against the game’s rules. You will have a lot of trouble to be able to overcome the challenges.

JustFall.LOL v1.150 MOD APK (Super Jump/Fly)

In order to increase the dramatic, attractive, and competitive part of different players, the developer has created a system of different challenges that is extremely difficult. The challenges will continuously make it difficult for you while experiencing the game. To be able to survive with the challenges of the game, you will have to control your penguins extremely skillful, agile, smart. And an important thing, you must always pay attention to the hexagon blocks that can collapse and take you out of the game at any time.

JustFall.LOL v1.150 MOD APK (Super Jump/Fly)


One of the first questions that players often ask when coming to JustFall.LOL is about the image of the main character in the game – the penguins. The image of the penguins is created because the penguins have a charming appearance. Along with that, with its short leg nature, the character’s movement will need to be calculated extremely carefully if the player does not want to be the one to be eliminated.

And to be able to connect and experience the game, the operations that you need to perform well also be elementary. First, you will need to own the games in your phone’s memory by downloading them. Then when you log in to the game, you will be taken to the main interface as well as the lobby before the matches. This is where you can name and choose the color of your penguin’s feathers. Finally, click the start button to go to the battle with other players.

JustFall.LOL v1.150 MOD APK (Super Jump/Fly)


One of the game’s greatest successes, which many players appreciate, is the ability to connect many different players. There will be two modes in the game that you will be able to choose to play online or play with friends. When playing online, you will be participating in a match with eight other players randomly everywhere to fight them. As for the friend mode, you will be able to add your friends to the room and start the battle to find the winner.

In addition, to be able to give players the best experience, the manufacturer is always interested in graphics issues. Therefore, players will always experience the matches with the best graphics quality when coming to this game. Then everything that appears on your screen, from characters, maps, the terrain, will achieve the highest sharpness.

JustFall.LOL v1.150 MOD APK (Super Jump/Fly)

Battle royale matches will always give players new feelings in each different match. Then why not try the most dramatic matches when coming to JustFall.LOL when you will control the penguins in battle. Start the battle with online opponents and find your way through the challenges, be the one standing in the last ring to win.


  • Super Jump
  • Fly (Locks Height) -> (Shows Other Players High As well Is Just Visual)

JustFall.LOL v1.150 MOD APK (Super Jump/Fly)

SIZE : 37M

GURGE : Action

– 1.150 – MOD

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