iTranslate Pro v5.6.17 APK + MOD (All Unlocked) Download

If you always have problems while practicing foreign languages, today I will introduce you to a perfect application in that field. With the ability to translate with high accuracy, iTranslate is currently one of the most trusted applications on the market today.


Supports all languages ​​around the world

This is a key feature of this application, meaning you will not need to worry about not understanding any words you see. Now you just need to enter the word and select its country, then select the language it wants to translate. Results will be displayed just a moment with high accuracy, and it will give similar results, depending on its language scene. The language is very rich, but that is not the limit of this application, any word it will translate because it will also come with a huge word for the user.

Translate with images

Having trouble not being able to type the words you see? So the best way is to take a picture. Take a snapshot of the parts you don’t understand, then cut the photo out at the section you need to translate. Because this application only needs to detect the language in the image, it will translate the whole and do not follow any order. The best way is to identify the paragraph to translate and cut the image out, including only that paragraph. This is a useful feature for everyone, can be used anywhere, anytime. As long as the image has text, it will analyze the whole and translate it all for you.

Voice translation

If you are having problems communicating with foreigners, this feature is the best friend you need. Start the recording, then let the other person speak, the end of the recording is everything the other person says will be translated. But first, you need to determine the type of language you are trying to communicate with that person. For example, the opponent is French, and you are Chinese, the opponent will be translated into Chinese and you will be translated into French. This is the most useful feature to help you communicate and improve your communication skills.


This is a separate feature of the application, it will contain all basic communication sentences when you are abroad. Just select the situation and start looking for the lines you need. For example, at a restaurant and you need to order, the phrasebook will help you. Not only that, it will guide you with the correct pronunciation so that you repeat more easily when communicating.


Unlike other translation apps, this application is fully functional offline without difficulty. Because when users install this application it will come with a huge dictionary to support users anytime anywhere. Just like when communicating, everything you need to interpret can be done on the spot without a wifi connection.


If you have trouble translating each word and you encounter problems confusing then turn on the website utility. It will work in the background while you surf, it has the ability to translate entire web pages into your language. Either you highlight a paragraph and activate this application, it will translate the entire with the highest accuracy for you to understand.


iTranslate Pro v5.6.17 APK + MOD (All Unlocked) Download

SIZE : 18M

GURGE : Productivity

– 5.6.17 – Pro

– 5.6.5 – Pro

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