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iReal Pro v2021.9 APK (Paid Full)

If you are a jazz lover or a guitarist, wants to create good music, the application introduced in the article below will be beneficial for you. The iReal Pro – Music Book & Backing Tracks application gives you some ideas or a collection of tracks so you can play an accompaniment with three main instruments: drum, bass, piano, or guitar.

iReal Pro v2021.9 APK (Paid Full) iReal Pro v2021.9 APK (Paid Full)


Suppose you want to practice playing the guitar, piano, and drums to become more fluent or sing with an existing brand. In that case, the iReal Pro app provides an easy-to-use tool to help musicians increase the mastery of their technique at any time, anywhere. This app simulates a band with realistic sounds and can practice with you or lets you create and collect chord boards of your favorite songs for reference or for play.

Every musician wants to increase his level of music, lyrics, and singing ability, so they are always actively practicing. So this app will act as a backup music companion that always has in their pocket and goes with them everywhere and can be used when needed. This famous app has been used by thousands of students and teachers of some of the world’s top music schools, such as the Berklee College of Music and Musicians Institute.


This application is like a book for artists and musicians to create, edit, print, share and collect by chords songs available in the application that users love to have. It can be referenced when practicing or performing on stage. It is a handy tool for musicians and artists wherever they are. You can play or sing along with this band with the songs available. So it’s a great workout tool for instrumentalists or musicians so they can play while out on the street without carrying an instrument. This is a paid application; you have to spend bout 15$ to buy this application. It is quite expensive, but the functionality and the effectiveness it offers are excellent. So this application attracts a lot of musicians and artists around the world to use it.

iReal Pro v2021.9 APK (Paid Full) iReal Pro v2021.9 APK (Paid Full) iReal Pro v2021.9 APK (Paid Full)

In addition, this app is also a miniature band for them. Musicians and artists can practice with actual piano or guitar music, bass, and drum accompaniment for any chord a user downloads or creates in the app. Users can create chords to write good songs or use the available chords of the application to sing. This is both an application and a handy tool for users because of its great functions; it will help users create beautiful and unique music.


This application is like a virtual music track that always follows you when practicing or performing. You can choose from 51 different accompaniment styles like Swing, Ballad, Gypsy, Jazz, Bluegrass, Country, Rock, Funk, Reggae, Bossa Nova, Latin, and more to play along with 12 blues styles. There is an in-app purchase feature available with which you can use the money to buy it. In addition, you can personalize each style with a variety of sounds to create unique songs, including piano, Fender Rhodes, acoustic guitar, electric, acoustic and electric bass, drums, organ,… When combined together, they will create amazing music.

In particular, you can record yourself playing or singing along with the accompaniment. Play, edit, and download any song you want so you can use it while out and about. More than 1000 songs can be downloaded, edited, or created your own track; Play, edit or create any song you want. You can create a variety of playlists that you can edit into a personal and unique track of yourself.


Musicians and artists can improve their skills with the accompanying chord diagrams. The app will display tabs, guitar, ukulele, and piano fingers for any of your chord charts so you can easily follow, and you can look up piano, guitar fingers to find any match any sound you want. In addition, the app also displays scale suggestions for each song’s chord for you to improvise while performing efficiently.

You can practice according to different levels depending on your preference of choice. The app contains 50 different exercises for users to practice common chord progressions and can convert any chord diagram to any key or difference you want for more accessible play. In addition, there are advanced practice settings such as automatic tempo increase, automatic key position shift for easier control and tracking of the song by the user. In particular, the application can also transpose the global Eb, Bb, F, and G for the trumpet player; share, print, and export your favorite tracks so you can use them when needed.

iReal Pro is a great choice and suitable for the performances of musicians and artists; it is quite expensive but also quite affordable with a modern advanced tool today. This app is the perfect tool for users to create, practice, and edit music to their own taste. Download this app and enjoy it now!


iReal Pro v2021.9 APK (Paid Full)

SIZE : 50M

GURGE : Music – Audio

– 2021.9 – Paid

– 2021.8 – Paid

– 2021.6 – Paid

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