InColor – Coloring Book for Adults v4.2.2 APK + MOD (Full Unlocked) Download

The art of showing the worldview of people. Thoughts, passions, concerns can be expressed through pictures. Most people can paint it no matter how beautiful or ugly their work is. However, there is also an art form that many people have recently loved. That is to color the existing paintings. This is a form of entertainment, relaxation, and stress relief extremely effective. InColor – Coloring Book for Adults released on Google Play Egg is a remedy that makes current people feel more comfortable with their lives.

Countless coloring materials!

Explain a little bit about this type of coloring. People will use colors to paint pre-painted pictures. If it were simple, it would be like a child’s game. However, Coloring Book for Adults has a lot more complex changes. The picture you need to rewind will be divided into very small, very detailed pieces. Each piece will be an opportunity for you to use any color to paint on it. A complex picture can have thousands of pieces for you to freely express your artistic vision. If you are a complex person with many different colors, you can combine to create a colorful picture. If you are a person who likes harmony, coordinate so that it is as natural as possible.

InColor - Coloring Book for Adults v4.2.2 APK + MOD (Full Unlocked) Download

A series of coloring materials available and updated daily

As mentioned above, this is an adult app so it offers a very complex experience. The art paintings in this application are extremely diverse and vivid. You can find pictures of lovely love. Besides, there are pictures of animals, flowers, cartoons, and many other topics that you can choose. In addition to being able to freely choose pictures by subject, you can choose based on its difficulty level. For example, if the entertainment time is about 15 minutes, then choose an easy picture. If you want to complete a great work, you can choose a complex picture and spend the day doing it. Depending on your choice, the experience will be different. The pictures that you can find in the app store aren’t everything. Users can also easily find other paintings updated daily. Your fun and entertainment will never end.

InColor - Coloring Book for Adults v4.2.2 APK + MOD (Full Unlocked) Download

The mechanism of coloring is also quite easy.

A picture will be divided into many different pieces so you can freely create colors. Players only need to use their fingers to touch the color that they want and then select the space of the picture. Immediately that space will be colored. If you want to use one color for many different spaces, just touch many places. In case you touch the wrong place, there is also an eraser tool. In general, the application will provide you with a lot of different tools to make the coloring process easier.

The arrangement of the picture is very scientific so that you can think of the story of your work and have the ability to edit colors. To make it easy to imagine, your picture will look like selfies and the colors below are the filters that you can edit in photo editing apps. Use colors flexibly to create beautiful photos. The surprise angle in this game is that it owns the real filters. This means that after you’ve painted, you can choose the filters to make your photos more special.

InColor - Coloring Book for Adults v4.2.2 APK + MOD (Full Unlocked) Download

You can color anything you want

If you do not want to use the photos already in the application, then create your own picture. There is no need to draw here, but to take pictures. The camera of your phone is a powerful tool for you to capture images. “InColor – Coloring Book for Adults” gives you a very powerful tool to convert photos into paintings. Depending on the complexity of the image, it will produce unique works of art. Also, in case your garage already has paintings from artists, import them into the app. Everything related to paintings can be used in this application.


InColor – Coloring Book for Adults v4.2.2 APK + MOD (Full Unlocked) Download

SIZE : 37M

GURGE : Photography

– 4.0.0 – Full Unlocked

– 4.2.2 – Original

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