Idle Game Dev Empire v1.4.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Idle Game Dev Empire is a game where players will manage a software company and find ways to build and earn money. They will be able to make money quickly, and there are many ways to speed up their work productivity. Specifically, they can perform corporate upgrades, perform unexpected jobs, and create products that attract many fans. Therefore, this is a gameplay that is entirely suitable for many different audiences.

Idle Game Dev Empire v1.4.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


When starting Idle Game Dev Empire, players will choose a character with the corresponding gender to start the game. After that, you will be transferred to an office where only one character is you. You will begin taking the first jobs to earn money and start developing aspects of the company to become fully developed. Your job is straightforward: to click on your working character continuously to get a lot of money.

It can be said that there is not any limit for you to click on the character and get money. In other words, if you press faster, you can earn a lot of money in a period. Once you hit the threshold required in the first missions, you’ll begin to have resources to upgrade your company. You will test the results for yourself after upgrading by continuing to work and see the increase in your one-tap earnings.

Idle Game Dev Empire v1.4.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Idle Game Dev Empire v1.4.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


As mentioned above, the number of times you click on a character in Idle Game Dev Empire is unlimited, but the strength of each player is limited, and of course, they will not like pressing too much. Therefore, upgrading the money you earn is necessary and is also characteristic of idle games. When you click on the Improvement tab, you will find many criteria for upgrading, and you should choose the cheapest element, which also affects the main character’s earnings.

You’ll be able to upgrade as many times as you like, and once you’ve completed the upgrade, you’ll be able to return to the level and keep tapping on the character. Of course, the coins you earn now will be faster than in previous times and there will be missions requiring you to tap as fast as possible to earn impressive rewards. At some point, you will be able to hire an additional employee to help you make more money and continue to upgrade other elements.

Idle Game Dev Empire v1.4.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Idle Game Dev Empire v1.4.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Idle Game Dev Empire v1.4.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


In Idle Game Dev Empire, players will work in a software company, and of course, game creation is one of them. You will have access to game making and select genres to create corresponding games. Each time a game is created, you can get points, and these points are used to open up new game genres. From there, you will continue to publish many different titles. But one thing you will need to take care of is that you will need to consider how much fun the game can attract.

The game’s attraction is significant when you will have yourself a certain number of fans, and this number of fans will ultimately bring you income. On the contrary, if the number of fans decreases, then it is a worrisome sign. When you click on the character, some incredible work may appear, and you can accept to do it. Its amount is impressive, so it should not be missed, and if you have upgraded the company to a certain level, you have the basis to complete it.


  • Money/Diamonds increase when you spent!

Idle Game Dev Empire v1.4.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

SIZE : 36M

GURGE : Simulation

– 1.4.4 – MOD

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