Idle City Empire (MOD, unlimited money) v3.2.12 APK download for Android

Idle City Empire – If you ever are a fan of the game Red Alert or Age of Empire, then you must have had a good time with a private empire then. Manipulating and constructing is a matter of constant concern for you to be able to complete your fortress faster than your opponent. In a short time, you have to prepare yourself just enough strength to not be attacked suddenly and collapse. And now, with the development of the Internet, all gamers can connect to each other in a network linking strongholds to a server. You can view the results of others with just one click. With a gentle play not fight with modern weapons, I would like to introduce to you game Idle City Empire. The experience that it delivers lightly, at a moderate pace, does not require too much attention to still benefit from the game.

Build a capitalist metropolis!

About the game information, game versions for the phone as well as Ipad. With lightweight gameplay, the game has received over 3,400 thousand installs and achieved 4.7 /5-star rating of the user. One of the reasons is that just a mid-range machine, users can still install and experience the fun. User commentaries revolve around the fact that this game gives them the benefit of having fun in their free time and is positive. For another reason, the graphics of the game are pretty, and the gameplay is easy to access. Players will be carefully instructed when playing the game. For new projects or new tasks, the system will explain clearly and thoroughly. Therefore, players will have no difficulty in operating and controlling their kingdom in the game.

Get rich from your city

For the game, the name you can understand what you have to do with your city then? You will be a state manager and construction contractor. You will build the buildings in general and keep the beauty of the town in particular. In short, you have to develop your city bigger and have as many people as possible. Players try to make their residents happy by delivering the best works and services they will give you. This is the primary source of players throughout the game thanks to short-term profitability and stability.

In addition, you will manage the city and make it more productive. The ways you can try to build shopping centers, shops, etc., from the profits from those places, you will accumulate a lot of money. Each time these works pay taxes, they are huge numbers but require incredibly long waiting times. If you do not balance the long-term and short-term factors, it will slow down the pace of growth. Money is something that every player should pay attention to as it is the main source for you to build whatever upgrade you want.

Play offline or online with friends

You can take care of your city anywhere because the game can be played online or offline. Therefore, all players can relieve stress with this game in about 5 minutes free while waiting for bus or entertainment even while eating lunch. If you are not really idle to collect money then okay, money raised from shops, supermarkets, … are obtained automatically. Because of this, some players who do not log in for 1 to 2 days can get as much money as possible. As I said, everyone is connected through the Internet and in this game too. You can connect with friends through the game; you can cooperate and increase the profit earned for the city itself. And will you feel safer and more fun playing with your friends? Besides, the social network built in the game is very stable, so you can use the game as a chat tool while the two are still playing together. Idle City Empire is a game that will make you happy after the stressful moments. Download games and experience the game with 3,400 other people. Be a good builder and manager.

MOD: Coins increase when spent!


Idle City Empire (MOD, unlimited money) v3.2.12 APK download for Android

SIZE : 64M

GURGE : Simulation


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