Ice Skating Ballerina v1.4.0 MOD APK + OBB (Unlocked All)

Many enjoyable experiences are packed inside the Ice Skating Ballerina, and players will take the time to experience them. You will prepare clothes, makeup, and many other elements for your character to achieve high results in competitions. At the same time, the activities that you do also have a specific influence on the match’s outcome. So indeed, this is a game that will interestingly entertain you, and your experience will always be guaranteed.

Ice Skating Ballerina v1.4.0 MOD APK + OBB (Unlocked All)


Players will be playing the role of an ice skater in Ice Skating Ballerina, and they will participate in different matches to earn medals with other opponents. At the same time, to fully achieve high results, players will spend time preparing various elements of preparation. Therefore, the player’s experience is entirely diverse, that anyone will love and express their creativity through each hairstyle and movement.

A lot of preparation must be done if you want your athlete to look beautiful and appear confident in ski competitions. Therefore, you will need to change your hairstyle, add clothes, makeup, and sometimes also practice the skills you possess. It is a time-consuming process, and players will love it for the fun it can bring. They will coordinate many different elements on their own and experience them like a fashion game.

Ice Skating Ballerina v1.4.0 MOD APK + OBB (Unlocked All)


The first element that players can find in Ice Skating Ballerina is the hairstyles you can make for your character. But before starting with the styling steps, surely the character’s hair will encounter specific problems. So you will use some simple tools to cut, wash the character’s hair and then dry it. After the preparation steps have been completed, your next job is to choose the right hairstyle for the character.

After completing the hairstyle, you will certainly not skip the makeup step because these two elements are often associated with each other and give an awe-inspiring appearance to the character. At the same time, some of the steps of preparing for makeup are as complicated as doing hair, but it brings an exciting experience. From there, you can use eyeliner tools, lipstick, eraser problems on the face to make the character more impressive to put on an imposing outfit.

Ice Skating Ballerina v1.4.0 MOD APK + OBB (Unlocked All)

Of course, the preparation does not stop there, and every time you go through a new step, you will rarely feel bored with the preparation because you will see that your character has made positive changes. When it comes to clothes, you will wear completely amazing dresses from the inventory of this game, and of course, anyone who chooses wants all the elements to have a specific connection. So please don’t pick them too quickly, as these factors all affect your results on the court.


After you have an awe-inspiring look, then you can confidently go into matches with other opponents. Specifically, when you’re on the stage, you’ll combine small performance acts and create a sequence of actions to create an excellent performance. Players will think about combining these elements conscientiously and logically to create highlights and achieve high scores. Also, when making moves, don’t forget to add effects.

Ice Skating Ballerina v1.4.0 MOD APK + OBB (Unlocked All)

When experiencing Ice Skating Ballerina, players will have the role of watching their characters perform after choosing for them a sequence of actions, but also help make this performance better. Specifically, players will see function buttons on the right side of the screen that creates impressive effects on the field. So these elements create a certain shimmer, and certainly, if you make good use of it, it will bring some positive results.


When you do some activities, from getting ready to dress, hair, or makeup, you will see some elements fall out after the preparation is over. It is the experience points that you get and help you increase the character’s skills. At the same time, with these skills, you will see them appear in your evaluation criteria. In other words, if you want to achieve good results, you will need time to increase these factors through the activities in the game you often do.

Ice Skating Ballerina v1.4.0 MOD APK + OBB (Unlocked All)

When you open the game, you will find similar gameplay to music games, and you have to click the circles correctly as the process gets smaller and smaller. So, you will need to perform some match actions during the game to ensure a specific score. At the same time, the amount of experience you get during the game also increases a character’s skill.


Ice Skating Ballerina v1.4.0 MOD APK + OBB (Unlocked All)

SIZE : 120MB

GURGE : Simulation

apk installer
– 1.3.8 – MOD

– 1.4.0 – Original

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