Hyper Heroes v1.0.6.2011241425 MOD APK (God Mode) Download for Android

Legend has it that ancient humans and monsters lived peacefully together. Then one day, the aliens appeared, they provoked monsters and caused people and monsters to conflict. Since then, the wars have been going on; people have fallen into misery. Have you ever wanted to become a hero to protect humans, chase monsters to bring peace to the world? Simply, your dream will come true with Hyper-Heroes: Marble-Like RPG. This is an RPG game from HyperJoy. Join the game; you will be brought to a land of myths, where you become a hero with the noble task of destroying evil monsters!

TAP, SWIPE & SLING your heroes

The power of darkness is rising; they are cherishing a plot to drown the world in the dark and cause people to disappear forever. Demons appear everywhere, they sabotage everything and make people’s lives turn upside down. In a mountain adventure, you happen to find a source of strength and become a hero with unique skills in hand. At that time, the world is in danger, and people are at risk of extinction, you need to look for other heroes and rescue the world.

Hyper Heroes: Marble-Like RPG is a viral turn-based attack game. Players will have to collect characters and develop the power to destroy the scary monsters in this game. Initially, players are provided certain characters to start the game. By completing quests and destroying monsters, players have the opportunity to collect more characters with unique abilities. Each character is equipped with weapons and special skills. Moreover, the character system is diverse for players to explore.

Turn-based combat and tactical thinking

Also, the player must also collect gold coins to upgrade the skills for the character, the higher the skill level, the stronger, the easier to pass the screen than. The boss system is very diverse, arranged in difficulty, players will be able to go through the game very easy, but also a challenging game, requiring players to have enough strength and calculated. The new careful tactics can be overcome.


Hyper Heroes: Marble-Like RPG not only has a playable game, but the graphics are well-groomed. The character in the game is very meticulous design, showing the courage and virtues of a true hero. Moreover, the context of the game takes place in mysterious, long-lived places, expressing the danger that the player is about to encounter. Effects, when characters use skills such as thunder, fire or colorful lights, are shown very well, showing the severity of the game.

Fun With Friends & Prove Your Strength

Build the heroes and build the perfect attacking squad. All the challenges await you in Hyper Heroes: Marble-Like RPG. Also, events are held daily; please log in to receive attractive prizes offline.


Credits: Blackmod

Hyper Heroes v1.0.6.2011241425 MOD APK (God Mode) Download for Android

SIZE : 45M


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