Hybrid Animals v200338 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond)

Hybrid Animals will simulate to show you the appearance or properties of a new animal species formed by crossing two different types of animals.

Today, the development of biotechnology helps a lot for our human world. You know, breeding crops with better yields and results. The transplantation of two crops of different types to produce a new plant is an unprecedented human development step. But for the world of animals that are transplanted between two different animals, it isn’t easy to do. Mixing two different animals to produce a whole new generation of f2 genomes in the game Hybrid Animals is extremely simple and fun. Are you curious about this unique game?

Hybrid Animals v200338 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond)


It must be said that the game takes the ideas and realizes the dreams of millions of scientists around the world. Breeding any two animals, there is no in common to create a new type of animal. Hybrid Animals is a cool science fiction simulation game for everyone. Researched and released by game developer Abstract Software Inc in the mobile game market. Since its release until now, the game has attracted several downloads and created a good impression of the players’ entertainment. The game has a simple design suitable for all devices, even the smallest device with the smallest configuration. The game’s size is not large, so do not worry that it will take up a lot of space in the phone’s memory. If you are not sure how this game will be, try downloading this game to your phone to see the game’s entertainment.

Hybrid Animals v200338 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond)

Choose the pair to pair

Entering the Hybrid Animals game world, you seem to be returning to the primitive times when humans have not appeared. You will begin to create a new world where you create animals. A table of animals will appear, including all the animals you know. Click on any species you like. The animal you choose will represent the mother, and now let’s find half of that animal. A table of animals, objects will appear. Click to select any animal you want when you have finished choosing animals for the father and mother.

Now you start to pair them together; the f2 will be born. This generation will have the characteristics and abilities of the mother and father. You can take the following example, you will choose the hippopotamus as the mother, and the father will be a dinosaur. The result is an animal f2 with the head of the hippopotamus and the dinosaur’s body. It will have the power of dinosaurs and get the composure of the hippopotamus. Combining these two animals results in a better generation and many far superior traits. You will be bred from 6 animals to create three new species that bring entirely new things that have never appeared anywhere. Starting the battle, are you ready?

Hybrid Animals v200338 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond)

Enter the world of survival

Once you have created three new creatures, the game Hybrid Animals opens you up to the wild and creepy landscape of nature when the earth was first formed. You will face a world in which you are always lurking with unpredictable dangers. The opposition also has the power to create genetically modified animals like you, so be careful around and destroy animals that want to harm your kids.

Fight with the weapons and skills available to animals. Make use of the natural powers available to you, and you will see tremendous power from it. There will be but dangerous but parallel in the battle to build your empire and have great opportunities. Fight with the enemy to collect loot and weapons of the enemy side. Besides, you also get more chances to breed animals if you complete the tasks well. The world of survival never tolerates or tolerates anything. Let’s fight hard to bring back expensive rewards and life!

Hybrid Animals v200338 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond)

Engaging and interesting

Hybrid Animals has an easy-to-see eye-catching interface that makes you glance at it and think this is an uninteresting game. But if you ignore the game’s simple design, you will be surprised at the entertainment that the game offers. The game’s animal world brings an exciting curiosity that stimulates players to increasingly want to learn and create more and more animals from familiar animals. If you combine one child with the other, what will be the result? Besides, the battle to build the empire is equally attractive. The quality, smooth graphics, and sound make players more addicted to this game. Download this game now to your phone, so you can explore and have the best entertainment time.



  • Free Shopping (During the battle, find the sales NPC to buy it for free)
  • Free Skill Point


  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Buying with real money is free


  • Free Golds
  • Free Diamonds
  • You can open the diamond store
  • The game speed is 5 times faster than the original
  • Use skill points casually
  • There are no ads

Hybrid Animals v200338 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond)

SIZE : 32M

GURGE : Simulation

– 200328 – MOD V1

– 200337 – MOD V2

– 200321 – MOD V3

– 200338 – Original

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